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I decided to make another Ending for the Dark Tower because I was not fully satisfied with that episode.  My story begins when Arthur and the knights make it out of the forest and don't go in a circle and waste an entire day.  I really hope you enjoy this fic.  I will also reply to any comments or questions you have for me.


Part 1: ArthurEdit

Swish, swish slash. More leaves and branches were falling to the ground, moving out of my way as the knights and I made our way through the Impenetrable Forest. I looked up to see the sky getting darker. We should be further along by now.

"Sire," I looked up to see Leon, one of my most loyal knights calling to me. The forest is thinning, we are getting close."

A wave of relief flooded through me. Don't worry Guinevere, I silently prayed to her we are coming. We will rescue you. I will come get you Guinevere. . .Guinevere. My heart ached for her. Two days ago, when she went riding to visit her fathers grave she was kidnapped by Morgana on her outing. The knights and I left yesterday morning and only just found out that Morgana took her to the one place that all knights were taught to dread. The one place that brought doom to anyone who even herd it's name. The Dark Tower.

"Good, lets pick up the pace, I want to reach the Tower by nightfall.” I said looking over Leon's shoulder at the exhausted knights. “Is that understood?" I replied, a little too hasty.

"Y-yes, Sire, I shall let the others know." Leon stuttered before returning to the group.

Serves him right I thought you do not let the Queen get kidnapped and get away with it. Especially when I send you and my other finest knights in the kingdom to escort her safely.

"But Sire," another one of my trusted knights, Percival came up to me, "What about Morgana? You should not expect her to leave Gwen unguarded. She will expect you to come."

"All you have to worry about is getting Gwen out of the Tower as quickly as possible. Leave Morgana to me. . ." Morgana. The name was poison on my tongue, the evil in my heart, she brought me more pain than any injury I have ever received in battle. Morgana may have tried to kill me, my father, and tried to take over the throne of Camelot more times than I could count but this, was way to far. Going after Guinevere, my Queen, my wife, my love. My heart. She had found my weak spot. I can even remember the pain and anger I felt two days ago when I found out she was taken. . .

* * *

Two Days Ago. . .

It started in his chambers when one of the servants George, burst into the room. "Sire. . ."

Arthur jumped up out of my seat. "George, I thought I told you not to be disturbed unless it was something important." He had been working on his paper work on some of the matters of state that he discussed with Guinevere earlier that morning.

"But, Sire. . .they have returned. . ."

"What? When? Why did you not get me sooner? Where are they?"

"They only just arrived Sire. And they're in Gaius's chambers, something’s happened.”

“What happened?”

“It's Sir Leon and Sir Percival, they-”

But Arthur did not hear the rest he was out of his chambers before George could even explain. He burst into Gaius's chambers and saw Leon and Percival laying unconscious with Elyan, Gaius, Gwaine and Merlin surrounding them. “What happened?, he had asked.

“We were riding, and came upon a nest of snakes. . .”

It was then Arthur realized something was missing. He felt it, an emptiness of a presence that was not there but should be. Her presence that he would know anywhere weather in the room or not. He looked around for her again, hoping to see her dark curls, her sweet scent, the swish of her dress, but there was none. Just an empty feeling where his heart should be full. “Where's Guinevere?” He demanded. But instead there was silence, wait. . .why are my knights looking guilty? “Where is she?” he pressed again, annoyed with the knights for being silent.

“I told her to get away. . .” Elyan replied finally. “She fled. . .um”

What??? He could not, would not believe it. Guinevere, his sweet innocent Guinevere did not return to the castle? She should be here, warm, and safe in his arms. Not out there, in the wilderness cold and alone without him. He should have gone with them. Why are we standing here discussing this. I should be out there looking for her. As I stormed out I herd the perusing footsteps of Merlin behind me. “We ride at dawn” I said before we could say anything.

Stomping into my chambers I had no idea what I should do. Do I go off on my own perusing her by myself? “Morgana. . .Sorcery.” Merlin had said. Morgana. I knew I could not go after Gwen now, because if I did I knew that both Gwen and my life would be endangered I started to fume again. I needed to calm down. Then I saw I, sitting on her dresser. . .prefect. I grabbed the cloth, clutching it to my chest, it smelled of her, bringing back memories.

* * *

“Um. . .I thought you might wear it, eh for luck.”

I reached for the cloth, “Thank you” I said to her not knowing what to say, she just looked up at me, her dark eyes locking into my blue ones. I leaned in locking my lips with hers, her sweet scent flooding over me. I started to pull away, as she leaned in more. . .

* * *

The feel of her lips lingered, even now I still felt Guinevere's presence. Oh Guinevere, I'm so sorry. I would look for you now if I could. I promise to never stop searching until I find you, I vowed to myself, to her. Never stop searching, until your warm, and safe in my arms, just as you always should be.

* * *

“Sire? Sire? My lord? Arthur?” I snapped out of my flashback to see my knights calling my name, watching me. I looked up, the sky was another shade darker.

“Right, lets get going you lot, we are wasting daylight.” I took the lead leading the group onward. Swish, swish slash my sword went once more. Yes Sir Leon was right, the branches are thinning. Then I saw a big clearing up ahead, I ran into a jog because I knew we were headed the right direction. I could see the Dark tower in the distance. I finally burst through the forest and on to the empty plain that lay ahead. Stretching on for miles, an endless desert surrounding where the Dark Tower stood, in the midis of it all. “Lets go” I said, leading the knights onward, to The Dark Tower. Not knowing what horrors would await me, or weather I would come back, but all I knew was that Guinevere needed me and I would come for her with every ounce of strength I had in my body, I would do whatever it took for me to make her safe again.

Part 2: GuinevereEdit

Ahhhhhhhh. I cringed at the screams echoing through my head. Aaahhhhhh, eeek. I plugged my ears at the sound ah, make it stop make it stop. The echos suddenly getting louder, more frightening. A darkness went through me trying to drain the good from my heart, making me feel angry, feeling hatred toward everyone I knew. I found myself slipping away as I grew angrier my heart going cold. My mind flipping through names of the people I hate, Merlin, Gaius, Percival, I hate them all, my heart turned to ice, Gwaine, Leon, Elyan, Arthur. . .Arthur. I paused wondering why that name lingered in my mind. . .Arthur. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by a warm light. It was a glowing cloak of warmth surrounding me, restoring my heart with love, and strength. It flooded from my heart all over by body, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes I felt the light. It broke through the darkness, his warm light flooding through my heart taking away the cold darkness that I felt just moments ago.

For a moment I was happy forgetting all about the dark room I was imprisoned in, forgetting where I was, who was with me. It was just me and my warm light. His light. Click, creak, boom. I jumped, the door opened revealing Morgana. She stepped into the room closing the door behind her, creak, boom, click.

"Gwen, dear come join me for something to eat"

Her words surprised me, What now your offering me something after I have been in here all day? My stomach growled, well I am hungry. . .but before I could reply Arthur's velvet voice filled my head. “No. She can not be trusted. Don't trust her love. Do you remember what she has done?" His words rang in my ears as if he was really there reminding me of what she had done to him, to Camelot, to me. What she is still doing to me. "I want nothing from you" I screamed at her.

"Oh, come now darling", said Morgana. "You must eat or you'll. . .fade. . .away." She trailed off her eyes full of confusion, looking over me as if she could see something different about me. When I said nothing, she tried again. "Anything you want you can have. I'll give it to you."

Oh likely story, I did not believe her in a second. "The only thing I want, is to be back in Camelot, with my husband, the knights, Gaius, Merlin, people who. . .actually care about me. The only thing I want is to be away from this dark room. . .this tower. . .away from here. . .from you.” I spat to her. Morgana's face fell. “Careful, love. . .” I froze did I go to far?

“Guinevere. . .” it sent shivers down my spine, it was only Arthur that ever called me Guinevere, when she did it, it sent a chill through my spine. “I can not do that.” said Morgana coldly. “Not when I know that Arthur and the others torment you. Hate you. Would do anything to get rid of you. So answer this,. . .Guinevere,” another shiver down my spine “How do you expect me to give you what you want when I know that Camelot is filled with people who don't love you? Or care for you? Hum??”

What? They hate me? Don't love me? The darkness started creeping in again, I did not even notice Morgana's twitching hand and a golden tint to her eyes. I felt the hate beginning to return, but thankfully, Arthur's light gave me a new surge of energy. It burst from my chest repelling the darkness forming a protective force field around me. Arthur's soft velvet voice came in my head again “Don't worry love, our love is stronger than anything. As long as you love me as much as I love you, it will protect you from any magic, any spell any enchantment. Don't listen to Morgana, just keep loving and you will be absolutely fine. I promise.” His words gave me strength, I finally found my voice “I will not be broken by you, nor will I believe anything you say. I know Arthur and I know he will never stop loving me.” Morgana started staring at me, confused. “Oh come now Morgana” I said taking in her gaze. “Our love can out last anything and anyone, you of all people should know that.”

Suddenly I felt the cool,hard stoned wall, up against my body “oof” I was taken by surprise. When I fell down to the floor I herd a faint 'pop' “Oww” I screamed clutching my shoulder which was now swelling and throbbing like crazy. Was it broken?

“You should try and not cross my path Gwen. I can be very nasty with my Magic.”

'Then why don't you kill me?” I asked looking up to see her watching me, looking rather quite smug. I started to panic, I could feel the presence of Arthur's outrage, his words in my head. “Don't give her any ideas love. . .”

“Darling, what good will it achieve if I kill you right now? As much fun as it sounds you are more valuable to me alive, plus you know how Arthur is, he'd try and kill me if I did anything. . .” “You got that right.” said Arthur. At this point I was confused. What is Morgana playing at? “If I am to achieve the throne of Camelot then I have to bargain with something Gwen. And it seems that the only thing he can not bare to lose. . .is you.” I could feel the light burning inside my chest, was that a hint of anger?

I tried to get up from the ground. . .bang. Morgana threw me against the hard stone wall again. Ah, my shoulder has to be broken now. I lay there crumpled in a heap refusing to try again. Click, creek, boom. The door slammed, echoed through the room and Morgana was gone. Tears flowed down my cheeks, Oh Arthur, Oh Arthur I wish you were with me. . . “Shhh, don't cry love” I could hear his voice again softening from the anger he had before, trying to comfort me. “Your a brave beautiful girl and I will come for you soon, just hang on a little longer. Then, the screams filled the room trying to force themselves back inside my body. I flinched, waiting. Waiting for the horrors to fill my heart once more, to turn it into the ice cold darkness that had come over me earlier. I did not want to go there but how could I stop it? I would rather die here then go back to the ice cold hatred. “Don't worry love. You are safe, as long as our love holds. It will protect you remember? I promise, you will not die” he said to my unspoken thought, “I will be there soon. This will never happen again I promise. I'm so sorry. . .I love you.” And with that he voice left me, but leaving his warmth with me. Huh, huh. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes thinking of him, thinking of my love. He will be here I know it because I have faith in him. He will come.

* * *


How dare she? After all we have been through together she refuses me. Refuses my help. What was going on? The mandrakes are not taking any affect. They should have broken by now, her own will should be mine. It must have been that mysterious magic affect I felt when that burst of gold light burst from her when I tried to enchant her. Where did that come from?? I have known Gwen all my life, she is not a sorcerer. . .Oh, of course Emris. He must have put a protective spell over her mind, so I can't get into her head. But it does not take affect when I hurt her physically hum. . .

I could just kill her, but what is the fun in that without a little show. Now all I need is. . .WHAT?? I found myself looking through a window and happened to see from a distance, six figures moving toward the tower. I looked closer, a smile grew on my face, well well well, its my dear brother and his rescue party for their Queen. Perfect timing. . .

* * *


“No. Guinevere!”

“Arthur” I screamed to him struggling against the guards pulling at my arms. “No Arthur please. . .”

“No” He ran from the guards grip and closer to me. I fought to reach him, he came running at me, full speed, grabbing my waist and locking my lips to his. For that moment I gave him all I had, not knowing if I would ever be able to do this again. And he gave me every ounce that he had towards me and that kiss. For a small moment we were comforted by each other our kiss filled with so much lust. But time does not stop, he was pulled away from me just as quickly as our kiss. The guards had caught up, ripping us apart, his words was the last comfort he gave me.

“I will always love you.”

I looked up at him calling my name, the guards pulling me. Ow, I don't remember my shoulder being hurt this much. Then and something caught my eye. Morgana. Wait. . .she's smirking? What why? Did she want this to happen? And one look told me everything, our eyes met. Yes, she did plan this. . .no wonder it was her and Uther that found us in the woods. . .ow.

* * *

I felt it again, right on my shoulder. I woke from my slumber, the image of Morganas evil image stuck in my brain. I looked up to see her standing over me, kicking my shoulder trying to get me awake.

“Get up.” she said. “We have preparations to make.” Preparations? Oh, Arthur must be close. “The knights will be arriving soon. I don't want the show to be ruined, plus we need some entertainment for our guests.” She smirked at me, my heart filled with dread. It was that same look she had in my dream. I wonder what this 'entertainment' of her's was. She grabbed me by my hurt shoulder and steered me out of the room. My heart turned cold, I had a feeling that I was just about to find out.

Part 3: Arthur and GuinevereEdit


After a long evening of walking through the desert we were getting closer to the Dark Tower. Approaching the tower I looked behind me to see the knights in a dispute about who was better at jousting. I rolled my eyes and looked up at the Tower, stopping in my tracks, Oh no. Morgana was looking down at me, a sneer on her face. She see's me, us. I shot my hand up, signaling the knights to quiet down.

Seeing my gesture their argument went into silence, looking around for the danger, wondering why I was signaling them. “What is it, My Lord?” asked Leon looking around. My eyes were glued to Morganas. “My Lord?” asked Leon again.

“Shh.” I said, looking to the knights. “Morgana has spotted us. We need to hurry.”

“Are you sure Sire? You could just be imagining things.” Gwaine told me.

What? I looked back to the window. She was gone. Oh no. Fear crept up through me. Morgana saw me. That meant Gwen was in more danger, knowing his sister she would do something to her to make him feel pain. “We need to go now. Gwen is in more danger the longer we stand here, come on.”


Ah. My shoulder was killing me. I tried to move but it stiffened up considering where I was and how I was positioned against the hard chair. I looked around, seeing all the set traps around the room. Oh Arthur be careful. . .be careful. . .be careful. Stay safe.


How long is this bloody staircase? We were now making our way through the Dark tower climbing an endless staircase leading on and on. Whoosh. What was that? All of a sudden an arrow came out of nowhere, shooting right above my head. “Nobody move” I shouted.

“We should be more careful” Elyan said, “Move more slowly, we have no idea how many traps Morgana has set.”

The knights nodded in agreement, slowing down the pace. Occasionally another arrow would fly by but we were ready, dodging easily out of the way. Finally we came to the end of the staircase, but it just stopped against the wall, leading nowhere. What? No. . .how can that be?? We have been climbing this staircase only to find it leads to a wall. A solid bloody wall. “Uah.” I banged my fist against the wall with all my might. “How. . .” Bang. “Could. . .” Bang. “That be?. . .” Bang. I found myself shouting now, filling with rage. “All this. . .” Bang. “Way. . .” Bang. “For nothing.” Bang. I slumped to the ground, my face in my hands.

Oh, Guinevere. I'm so sorry. I failed. Failed as a King, a husband. What if I never see her again? No. . . I could not afford to think like that. I had to believe there was hope. I got to my feet. “Alright lets go, we will search every inch of this place. Leave no corner unchecked, we will not rest until we find her, is that understood?” I found myself directing my anger, yelling at the knights, my rage taking over.

“Yes Sire” the knights said quickly, not bothering to try and clam me down.

I started leading my way down the stairs. “. . .Be careful.” I stopped in my tracks, her voice in my head. Guinevere? I could hear her voice so clearly. I turned around, looking behind me expecting to see her brown curls, the swish of her dress but all I saw were the bewildered knights looking at me. “Stay safe. . .” Her voice in my head again.

“Um. . .Sire?” Percival said behind me.

“Quiet.” I snapped. Trying to hear her voice again.

“But Sire. . .your glowing.”

“What?” I looked down at my body which was in fact glowing a slight yellow gold color. What is happening to me? “Oh, Arthur. . .help” My heart went cold, her voice clearly in my head again, she sounded so scared. “Where are you? I thought back. Because I knew that somehow if I could hear her then she could hear me. I am here, how can I find you?


“Mmh” I struggled with the ropes binding me, trying to get free. But with my broken shoulder, I could barely struggle. Suddenly the door opened setting the trap. Oh Arthur. . .help. But just as the arrow came flying toward me it stopped and hovered in mid air. How?

“Hello, Gwen. Sorry about the trap but I wanted to see Arthur's face when he . .” Morgana came into the room and trailed off, looking at me like I sprouted antlers. But because I was gagged, I could not respond. “Where are you?” Arthur's voice came into my head again. I felt slightly comforted hearing his voice. “I am here, how can I find you?”

Gwen how are you doing that?” Morgana asked breaking my concentration on Arthur's thoughts. I looked at her, confused. “Your glowing.” said Morgana.

I looked down at myself and I was in fact glowing a yellow-gold color. What is going on with me? Then all of a sudden a big light burst through me, glowing brighter and brighter.


I started leading my way down the stairs again when all of a sudden a big bright light came from behind us. I turned around seeing a bright light behind the wall where the stairs ended. Oh. Of course, Morgana must have somehow enchanted the door. I ran up to the wall and started feeling around. After a minute of searching my hands bumped into something round. I grabbed and turned it. All of a sudden, part of the wall swung open revealing the bright light, dimming down toward the end of a long hallway, outlining another door at the end. I did not know how or what but some how I knew that Guinevere was close.

I started running to the end of the long hallway, the knights on my tail. Don't worry Guinevere, we are close. I thought, hoping she could hear me.


Don't worry Guinevere, we are close.” Oh no. I started panicking. If Arthur was close then that means. . .

“Whats wrong Gwen?” Morgana asked, looking at my panicked gaze. “I am not going to kill you yet, I want Arthur to do it. I just have to reset the trap again. . .” And with that she went over and started working on it.

Oh no. I have to keep her distracted until Arthur gets here. I started struggling with the ropes again. Morgana turned my way. “Oh Gwen, you can't get out right now, the fun has not began yet.” She said coming over to secure my ropes. Ow, that's tight. Atleast that was enough to distract her from setting the trap again. Oh Arthur, please hurry. . .

Part 4: Guinevere and ArthurEdit


I tried struggling again, but the ropes were too tightly bound around my wrists, hands and my body. I looked up at Morgana. . .Oh no. She had that sneer again, which only meant more trouble for me. What is she planning?

All of a sudden she started chanting, “Al-Su-Tu-Dos-De-Sigue” then I saw it. Her black hair, pale skin and tattered black robes were changing before my eyes. I blinked and then found myself staring into a woman with dark skin, a silk dress, dark brown curly hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. My eyes. What? Then she spoke, I heard my voice chant “Sigue-Su-Me-De-Dos-Al-Tu”, I looked down to see myself transforming, changing. My curly hair extending into a matted mess of long, tangled hair, my silk gown's material became tattered itchy robes and my dark skin became pale white.

Morgana became me. . .and I had become Morgana.

Suddenly the door burst open, revealing Arthur and the knights. A few moments I was relieved, Arthur was here, everything was going to be all right Morgana did not have time to set the trap for him to kill me. . .Then I remembered, oh my god. I'm now Morgana. Fear came over me to a realization that this is the trap. . .


We burst through the door to see Guinevere breathing heavy, standing before a sight I would never dream possible. Morgana, was gagged and tightly tied to a chair. Wait. . .what is going on? I thought we were rescuing Guinevere? How did she manage to do that to Morgana? Gwen stared up at me for a long time waiting for me to say something, but when she saw my silence she ran into my arms clutching me a little too tight. Why is she acting like this? Am I not seeing Morgana in trouble and not Gwen? Is she pretending to act scared? I finally found my voice.

“Um. . .Guinevere love, are you ok?” She slowly shook her head.

“Oh, Arthur. . .thank goodness your here.” I put my arms around her, glad to have her in them again, burrowing my face in her hair. At least she is safe, but something's not right here.

“Don't worry Gwen, we're here now” Elyan said, coming over to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “But, what should we do with you?” he said turning to Morgana. She flinched under his stare. . .Wait a minute, Morgana flinching? She's scared?

We should just kill her so she can't harm anyone ever again.” Gwaine said before I could reply.

“Or, we could take her back to Camelot and give her the death penalty that she deserves, to be burnt at the stake.” Leon pitched in.

“No, she is not worth it, we should just kill her now or leave her here to rot, alone and in the darkness of the tower.” replied Gwaine with enthusiasm.

Alright now I needed to cut in. “Or. . .” I replied, using my authority as king to capture their attention, “we can let Morgana explain for herself why she accomplished these actions and give her a fair trial, like we would any citizen of Camelot?” I glanced at her face again, although she's my sister and she did this horrible thing to Gwen their was something about her I could not put my finger on that made her seem vulnerable and not a ruthless sorceress she usually was.

I started walking towards her but something held me back. “Don't trust her Arthur,” Guinevere was cluching my arm, pulling me back, “you don't know the vile cruel things she did to me before you came. Let's not worry about her, leave her, she does not deserve your sympathy.”

Ok now there was definitely something wrong. Guinevere is never this mean or cruel. She is always the one holding me back from being ruthless and demanding unreasonable, horrible punishments to those who practice magic. “Guinevere. . .you should know that the laws of Camelot state that if a person commits a crime other than treason, we have to give that person a fair trial whoever they may be.” Wait why am I telling her a matter of state that she decreed herself?

Arthur, this is Morgana we are talking about. . .if its one thing I learned while being here is to never let her speak. If she does, she'll cast a spell over you. I can not let that happen so please. . .lets get out of here” she pleaded again.

I sighed. “Alright love, I just want to say a few things to her before we go that's all. And I promise” I continued, “I will not let her speak. Leon, Gwaine, Elyan, take Gwen out of here, Percival and I will meet you in the woods momentarily.”

“But. . .” Gwen protested again. “Guinevere!” I told her, “go with your brother, he will take care of you until I meet you out there. Don't worry, I wont be long.” I turned to the knights, nodding my head, signaling them to be dismissed.

“Come on Gwen, lets go” Elyan said leading her to the door. Percival and I watched them go, when they all left I turned back to Morgana. I stared at her for many long moments, studying her. Wait what am I doing? I wanted to say a few words to her and then be on my way. Right, think Arthur think, I told myself. I looked toward Percival, standing by the door, he was studying Morgana too, like I was not the only one who knew something was off.

Then I remembered my voice. “Morgana” I said finally, “I'm not here to yell at you but I do want to leave you with this. . .” I took a deep breath, “Even though I don't feel like this is the right thing to do, I know its for the best because of what you did to me, Camelot and especially to Guinevere, you deserve every bit of what I'm leaving you with. I hope you understand that this if for the best, because I can not let you harm my family ever again.” She flinched at my words, but I continued. “However you are my sister and therefore my family which is why I'm going to leave a knife for you to try and get yourself free. But I will not make it easy because I need to make sure that we are well away from Camelot before your let lose. Do not take this lightly, because if you ever come near Guinevere, myself or Camelot ever again I will kill you.”

I hopped up and set the knife down on the floor by her feet, turned around and walked away, oblivious to the silent tears that fell down her face.

Part 5: Arthur And GuinevereEdit


Never in all my life could I imagine this. Arthur came all this way, just to lead Morgana into the heart of Camelot. Why. . .why. . .why? I found myself crying, silent tears falling down my face. I was so proud of Arthur. So proud for the man he had become, leaving his sister (Or me in this case) a way out. Not just leaving her (me) there to alone to die in this horrid place. I knew he has always had a good heart.

Wait. . .what am I saying? Yes I'm proud of him but he is leaving with Morgana. . .Morgana as me. No, Arthur stop. Its a trap, no don't go. . .don't go, DON'T GO. . .it's Morgana. Your leaving with Morgana.


I left the tower with Percival right behind still puzzling Morgana's strange behavior and whether leaving her at the tower was the right thing to do, but I resisted the urge to go back and free her. But that's when I herd it. Her voice yelling to me. “Arthur stop. It's a trap, no don't go. . Don't go. DON'T GO. . .it's Morgana. Your leaving with Morgana.” I froze in my tracks. Guinevere? Wait if we are leaving with Morgana then where is. . .

“Sire?” Percival came into my concentration.

“What?” I bellowed at the knight annoyed for him breaking my thought process.

“Um. . .your glowing again.”

“Huh?” I looked down and was in fact glowing that same yellow-gold color that I was earlier. Weird, whats going on with the world today. Morgana is acting scared, Guinevere becomes ruthless, and now I am glowing and can almost hear my wife's. . .Click. Oh my God. I started running back to the tower. Of course it all makes sense.

“Sire, where are you going?” Percival asked bewildered.

I am running at full speed now. “Back to the tower. I forgot something very important.” Don't worry love. I'm coming, I will sort this out I promise. I'm so sorry.


I started struggling again, trying to reach the knife on the floor. I have to get to Arthur, must stop Morgana. Suddenly I herd him again. “Don't worry love. I'm coming, I will sort this out, I promise. I'm so sorry.

I relaxed. Arthur was coming back, he had figured it out.

* * *

I was not sure how long I sat there but when I looked up I saw a pair of light blue eyes staring at me. “Guinevere. . .” one word made my heart stop, your here!

He rushed over to me, removed my gag, then he looked into my eyes “I'm here love” he said. And then he kissed me like he never had before. “oooh. . .Guinevere. . .I love. . .you. . .so. . .sorry. . .love” he said between kisses. My heart fluttered I was safe, Arthur was here and everything was going to be alright. Then I felt myself changing, the room started to shine brightly, and soon I was myself again. I glanced at his face against my hand, our skin glowing the same golden-yellow color. “Mhmm,” I chuckled between his kisses.

He paused in mid-kiss and pulled away to look at me, confusion spread across his face. He stared at me for one long moment, then bent down over the chair, and started untying the ropes that bound me to the chair. “Whats so funny?” He asked, concentrating on the knots.

The rope was becoming loser, that felt good. “Just look at us, Arthur.”

I felt his hands stop, and he turned toward me, looking at me and then looked at himself. He smiled and continued his work to free me from the chair, “I guess we share some special connection.” he joked.

“Well, whatever it was I'm very thankful for it” I said reaching for him because I was now free of those tight bonds. He warmly brought me into his arms, grasping me into a tight hug, I flinched, although he did not notice. I will have to remember to have Gaius check my shoulder when we get back to Camelot.

He froze, releasing his grip a little but not letting go. I looked up at him, when he met my eyes a flash of concern came over his face. He then gently grabbed my shoulder and started examining it. “What happened to your shoulder? It looks like it somehow came out of it's socket?” he said after his examination.

“How did you know?” I asked looking confused.

“Did you not say that you wanted Gaius to check it when we get back to Camelot? Or was I mistaken?”

“No. . .well I did not say it but I thought it.”

“Interesting. Maybe I knew because it has something to do with the fact that you lead me to you, and told me that it was a trap. And that I should come back because I was not leaving with the one person I came to rescue?”



“How did you know? For you knew it could have been a trick itself but you came anyway.”

“Well, I'm not sure about you but I know that my Guinevere would never choose to punish someone with such cruelty. And something about you seemed off. Plus when you were Morgana you acted so scared and frightened, Guinevere you should know that it was really hard for me to walk away from Morgana or in this case you because of how frightened you looked. . .”

“Well I'm glad you came back.”

“Anything for you love. I love you.” he said, leaning in for another kiss.

“Sire come quick its. . Gwen?” I jumped Merlin came bursting into the room at full speed, almost knocking me over but luckily Arthur was there to steady me. Merlin stared at me for a long moment.


“Anything for you love. I love you” I said to her before leaning in for another kiss.

“Sire come quick it's. . .Gwen??” Merlin came bursting over the room at full speed, almost knocking Guinevere over in the process. Luckily, I was there to steady her before she fell down. I looked up at Merlin, annoyed because he was interrupting a very romantic moment and was just staring at her like bumbling idiot.

“Merlin. . .Merlin?” I said to him trying to ask him whats wrong. When he kept on staring and not saying anything I snapped. “MERLN? What do you need?” He jumped, eyes wide. “Um. . .uh. . .Morgana. . .”


I watched Merlin struggle for words under Arthur's gaze. But I just herd one from his jumble of words. Morgana. I froze, the name gave me chills. Whatever it was it was not good. Because I never see Merlin lost for words before, or if I have the situation was always grave. What has Morgana done this time?

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