Blayze Brightcrest
Blayze Brightcrest
Full name Blayze Brightcrest
Aliases Prince of Brightcrest
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Gender Male
Eye color Deep blue
Hair color Blonde
Species Human
Place of origin Brightcrest, Dyndenvar
Abilities Skilled with all weapons except bow and arrows
Occupation Crown Prince of Dyndenvar

Knight of Brightcrest

Created by TheHydromancer
Family Rowan Brightcrest (father)

Lihily Brightcrest (mother)

Allies Rowan Brightcrest

Liam Brightcrest

Lihily Brightcrest

Enemies Arthur Pendragon



Team affiliations The Knights of Brightcrest


First appearance The Sun of Brightcrest, Chapter 1
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Status Alive

"You are the future king of Dyndenvar... I'm proud of you."

-Rowan Brightcrest to Blayze Brightcrest

Blayze Brightcrest is the only son of Rowan and Lihily Brightcrest, and the crown prince of Brightcrest. He has three younger sisters that all have inherited magic from their mother, but Blayze hasn't. To make up for that he is a good knight, and a skilled swordsman, although he is not so good with missile weapons.

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