Official name Dyndenvar
Aliases {{{Aliases}}}
Type Magical kingdom
Located in Northen England
Inhabitants Humans


Rider Dragons

Languages spoken English

Old Tongue

Created by TheHydromancer
Mentioned The Sun of Brightcrest
Appearances The Sun of Brightcrest

Dyndenvar is a magical kingdom that is known very well for being home to the Rider Dragons. The humans there live also very well alongside Hippogriffs, many of which are tame and used as transport. Despite being a rather small kingdom, with only three big cities, it does well to fend of the constant attacks mounted by bandits from the north.

A Short HistoryEdit

Dyndenvar was started off as a town called Brightcrest, founded long ago by the Brightcrest family. Brightcrest is now the capital of Dyndenvar. Brightcrest was built as a stronghold to protect some villages against pillagers from the north. It was commanded by a warlord named Eldray Brightcrest, who led a group of warriors, and seeing to destruction that the bandits wrought upon the villages built a stronghold that was named after him. Slowly it attracted people, and grew into a city, until a new kingdom was formed, Dyndenvar. By then, of course, Eldray was dead, but his anchestors carried on ruling, and never has the line ever been broken.

Magic in DyndenvarEdit

Dyndenvar is full of strange kinds of magic, but the most common kind is Old Magic. All sorts of magical creatures dwell here as well, and Dyndenvar is one of the few places were one can see wild herds of hippogriffs. Rider Dragons are not of Old Magic, but of the second most common kind of magic, Elemental Magic. Elemental Magic consists of nine elements, fire, stone, wind, water, light, darkness, ice, nature and, for some strange reason, dream. This kind of magic is about channeling and manipulating magic outside one self, except for the element dream. It is unique to Dyndenvar.

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