Title Emarion, Emarion the White Thief
Age Unknown (Presumed over 200)
Height 6,3
Weight 174lbs
Gender Male
Race Human, Warlock Mutant
Special Abilitys Elemental manipulation, Forced magical abilities
Allies None
Family Excelles (Brother)
Magical Mimic

"You think your world is safe? It is an illusion...A comforting lie, told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. As I have come for you... So, shall we begin? -Emarion

Emarion the White Thief Is a powerful magical being and rival to the Wizard, Emrys, also known as Merlin.

Hundreds of years ago, during the height of the magical age, a young and jealous Emarion sought to capture the greatest magic for his own. However, he was born a normal human with no magical ability, and lacked the knowledge to be taught. Outraged, he killed a young warlock and learned to consume it's soul to gain it's powers. Thrilled, Emarion began slaughtering unsuspecting wizards and witches in order to gain their powers.

Through the years he continued his campaign of destruction and magical harvesting, but soon began to run dry as the Magical age came to an end. Fearing his powers would leave him if he did not consume magical souls, Emarion found new hope in the legends of Emrys, the great wizard of Albion.

Venturing to the new land he happened upon the Druids and slayed them nearly into extinction, leaving only a small group alive to become his servants, soldiers, and food. It was through the druid servants that he learned the true identity of Emrys and sought the young boy, Merlin, intent on taking his soul and extending his powers infinitely.

Emarion eventually stormed the kingdom of Camelot, and singlehandedly destroyed much of the city and castle. Nearing the verge of absolute conquest, and taking Arthur as a hostage, Merlin and Emarion engaged in a furious fray, which resulted in Merlin's secret being discovered and Emarion and Merlin vanishing together in a flash of blinding light. After which the two have yet to be seen.

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