Hamadryads are the nymphs of the trees and the close cousins of the dryads. While dryads are the forest nymphs, hamadryads are bound to one tree.


Each hamadryad is bound to one tree. A tree can only have one hamadryad. Their tree is the source of all their powers and lifeforce. Their lifeforce is connected to the tree. If the tree dies, so will the hamadryad. Hamadryads get very angry if their trees are damaged though they love children climbing their branches. When the tree dies, a seed is left which quickly grows bringing the hamadryad back to life.

Hamadryads are much more serious than dryads and are not as friendly. Hamadryads will attack anyone who is a threat to their forest. All hamadryads fear the axe of the woodcutter.


Hamadryads are very tall young women with smooth, thick skin, long leafy hair, teardrop shaped eyes and are dressed in robes made of the leaves of their tree. Hamadryads resemble their trees. Birch hamadryads have pale, moon light coloured skin with black markings, long snow coloured hair and black eyes, apple nymphs have red, green or gold hair, pale green tinged skin and emerald eyes and oak nymphs are very tall with dark tanned skin, dark green eyes, long brown hair and dress in long bright green robes decorated with acorns.

Hamadryads have pointed ears and they are usually partly melted into their trees. Their fingers are long pointed nails.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hamadryads can control their tree and can melt into it. When inside their tree, they can cause their tree to up root itself and walk to a new location, grow in size and use the energy within the tree to heal themselves and their tree. Hamadryads can channel their energy in the form of bright green energy.

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