A/N: When Arthur tells Merlin and the knights some spooky stories about the past at Camelotwhen he was a boy. Will everyone think it's a big joke? Or will there be some truth in what Arthur says? Find out. :) MerlinDragonLord.Edit

Chapter 1. - Halloween/ Samhain.Edit

'Great Samhain again!' Merlin thought sarcastically as he finished the last job on the long everlasting list of jobs that Arthur had given him to have done by that night. 'If past history is anything to go by.' he thought back to the time when Morgana and Morgause unleashed the Dorocha, to wreak havoc on the kingdom.

He went back to Arthur’s room. “Done them all sire.” He said as he spotted Arthur, still struggling to write the speech for the feast. “What all of them?” Arthur asked shocked, he had expected those jobs to last for at least all day. But Merlin had finished them already and the day wasn’t even half done yet. Merlin nodded, smirking at Arthur’s dumbstruck expression. Arthur had expected for it to take Merlin longer than it had and he wasn’t even finished with his speech yet. “Do you want any help?” Merlin asked, wandering over to the table to view Arthur’s speech. There wasn’t anything on it. “You do know that the feast is in almost two hours sire?” Merlin asked with a smirk.

"Yes I am well aware of that fact Merlin.” Arthur snapped.

“Well it’s lucky for you that you have such a nice servant to have done this for you.” Merlin said, producing a roll of parchment from his pocket. Arthur glared at his servant and took the scroll. It read:

Samhain. It’s the time to remember those we have lost and to celebrate their passing. Tonight we remember friends, family and loved ones. May we all thank them for the peaceful kingdom of Camelot that they have played their part in to help us achieve it, for the future of Albion.

“I had no idea that you could write let alone be a caring person underneath it all Merlin. It’ll need to be polished.” Arthur said, a slight smirk on his face.

‘H'''''e is so irritating! I didn’t have to do that for him. I could have just sat at home and done nothing, let him suffer through writing the speech himself.’ Merlin thought, “I’ll do it now for you. King Prat the first.” He said, taking the scroll.

“I heard that.” Arthur said. “You were supposed to.” Merlin called over his shoulder. Arthur sighed and shook his head, placing his head in his hands.

Chapter 2. - The Great Feast.Edit

It was time for the feast. Arthur really wasn’t looking forward to it this year. Only the year before, his sister had released the Dorocha causing a hell of a load of chaos. So you can’t really blame him for the bad feeling he had about this year. Not only that but only a couple of months ago his father had caused his own kind of chaos by almost killing Arthur’s wife, and almost killing half his knights. There was a loud bang as Merlin burst through the door. ‘I wish I had just let him kill Merlin though. It would have saved me from an annoying life time of service.’ He thought.

“Sire.” Merlin said breathlessly, “I...... can’t find G.....Gwen.”

“What do you mean, you can’t find Guinevere?!” Arthur said, his temper rising.

“I mean..... She’s not in the citadel or in her old house and the others are waiting in the banquet hall for the feast.” Merlin said. But Arthur wasn’t listening the minute he had heard that Guinevere wasn’t in the castle or her old home, he was rushing around pulling on his boot, strapping his sword and belt round his waist and putting his cloak round his neck. He strode towards the door. “Where are you going?” Merlin called, but Arthur didn’t answer.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Arthur ran all the way to Guinevere’s house, Merlin following him all the while. “Why are you following me?!” Arthur yelled back to him.

“Because Gwen is my friend too and I want  to make sure she is alright.” Merlin yelled back.

“Fair enough! Just keep up!” Arthur said, he knocked on the door loudly. Merlin just managed to catch up with him, when Gwen opened the door. Arthur ducked inside the house muttering, “Thought you said she wasn’t here.”

“She wasn’t a minute ago.” Merlin said trying to follow him inside.

“Merlin get out.” Arthur said slamming the door in his face. A thunder cloud rumbled overhead. ‘Oh great! Can life get any worse. I’m stuck outside and it’s about to rain.’ Merlin thought, lightning flashed and the rain poured down, Merlin ducked under Gwen’s doorway to try and stay dry.


“Guinevere, love. What’s wrong?” Arthur asked, hugging his wife to his chest.

“I’m fine.” Gwen replied, but Arthur could hear past the facade. He pulled her tighter to him, as she broke down into sobs. “Shh. Love it’s okay. It’s okay.” Arthur whispered, kissing her on the top of her head.

“I just m-m-miss E-Elyan s-s-so much.” Gwen sobbed.

“I know.” Arthur crooned, kissing Gwen on her head again. Arthur held onto her until she stopped sobbing. “Are you okay now love?” he asked softly. Gwen slowly nodded. “Do you want to come to the feast?”

Gwen smiled slightly, but it looked like she forced it. “If I don’t who’s going to keep you in check?” Arthur smiled at his wife, then took her hand and let her out of her old home. Upon opening the door, they saw Merlin stood in the doorway. “Finally!” Merlin said, “It’s pouring with rain out here.” Gwen smiled; she had great friends and an extremely lovable husband.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They ran all the way to the feast, they were late and wet but they didn’t care. Arthur and Guinevere sat at the top of the hall and Merlin grabbed one of the wine jugs. He went around the room, pouring wine into the empty goblets. Then when he had done that he stood to one side of the hall, respectfully listening to Arthur’s speech: “Samhain. It’s the time to remember those we have lost and to celebrate their passing. Tonight we remember friends, family and loved ones. May we all thank them for the peaceful kingdom of Camelot that they have played their part in to help us achieve it, for the future of Albion.” Arthur said, then Gwaine drunkenly said. “Long live the Prat..... I mean King. Long live the queen.” Long live the king and queen echoed throughout the hall as the great bell struck twelve o’clock. Merlin shivered he couldn’t help but remember what had happened last year from the look on Arthur’s face it seemed he was remembering the same thing. Arthur glanced over at Merlin, who inclined his head towards him. When they had stood there until the bell had stopped ringing. Arthur turned to face to hall once more. “Right how about a new tradition?” he asked, clapping his hands together eagerly. “Tonight we are going to all ride out to the Great Stones of Nematon.” Merlin looked at Arthur shocked. “Merlin go and prepare the horses. For myself, my wife, Percival, Leon, Gwaine and of course yourself.” Arthur said. Merlin nodded and hurried out of the room. 

Chapter 3. - The ride to the Great Stones of Nematon.Edit

The rain had let up now and they were able to ride to the great stones of Nematon without getting soaked. Percival, Gwaine and Leon were up front with Arthur and Gwen, while Merlin trailed behind them. “Merlin what is wrong with you? Don’t tell me you have been listening to Gaius’s bedtime stories again.” Arthur said, the annoyance clear in his voice.

“Oh well sorry for being wary. Perhaps you need reminding of what happened the last time we came up here to the Great Stones of Nematon.” Merlin retorted, glancing nervously around him.

Arthur nodded. “Fair enough.” Merlin frowned, no complaining abou how annoying he was? No whining at him to hurry up and just trust him? Merlin was surprised.

The Great Stones of Nematon towered above them from out of the dark cloudy sky.  They dismounted from their horses and Merlin spread out the large blanket that Arthur insisted they bring so that they didn’t have to sit on the wet ground. “No. Not there Merlin, right in the middle of the stones.” Arthur said, “We want a creepy feeling.” Merlin sighed and moved the blanket closer to the Stones. They all gathered round and sat on the blanket, Merlin set up a small fire in front of them so that they didn’t get cold; as the wood was wet he had to mutter a spell under his breath just to make it light. “Right who wants to tell the first story?” Arthur asked.

“Oh me! Me! Me!” Gwaine yelled, punching his hand into the air and waving it around to grab Arthur’s attention. They laughed.

“Okay then Gwaine you go first.” Arthur said.

Chapter 4. - Gwaine's Horror Story.Edit

“It was a dark and stormy night. I was in my chambers fast asleep when a noise woke me. I had just come back from the tavern at the time. The noise was extremely loud it seemed to echo around my room. It sounded like this: GRRROWWLLLL – Brrr! It seemed to get louder and louder. Until it was loud enough to be right beside me. I then realized that it was my stomach growling.......” Gwaine said.

“So what’s scary about that, little man?” Percival chided.

“That’s not the scary part! That’s still to come!!!” Gwaine replied angrily. “Anyway, I went down to the kitchen to get some food.” Merlin rolled his eyes, he knew where this was going. “And upon reaching the kitchen I discovered that there was no food!!!!! Oh the horror!!!!” Gwaine said, dramatically.

“What’s so scary about that?” Arthur laughed.

“Are you kidding me?!!!! A kitchen without food!!!! Oh the horror!!!!!” Gwaine said incredulously. The others laughed.

Chapter 5. - Percival's Horror Story.Edit

“Okay! My turn!” Percival said, once they had finished laughing at Gwaine. “It was dark night, a boy called George was walking through his home village when a terrible sound met his ears coming from the corner behind him. He turned round and walked towards the noise. It sounded as though someone was trying to saw through bones. A horrible dripping sound met his ears as he peered through a crack in one of the walls of a house. An army of dead was in there. A young boy was stood there in front of the army. Georg was terrified. All he could do was stand there and watched as the army of the dead fell upon the boy and, started to cut open the boy, they yanked out his intestines and pulled until all the boy’s guts came out......” Percival trailed off for suspense, he glanced at the others.

Merlin looked terrified, Gwen and Leon looked like they were about to throw up and Arthur and Gwaine looked normal as though the story wasn’t scaring them a single bit. “The boy somehow managed to stay alive while they were doing that to him. Just then the door opened and George ducked behind the wall, his face pale in the moonlight. Just then he saw the young boy walk out of the house and then he felt something grab him from behind and bite into his neck. He screamed as he felt his life force being drained from him. But he didn’t die.... oh no he’s still out there waiting for his next victim..... Some say he hangs around out here with the army of the dead.” Percival finished.

Merlin looked like he was about to scream. Just then Mordred jumped out from behind one of the stones and grabbed Merlin round the neck. Merlin screamed. They burst out laughing. “Oh god. That was priceless!!!!” Mordred chuckled, high fiving Percival. Merlin glared at them all as though daring them to laugh.

Chapter 6. - Who's next?Edit

Once they had all finished laughing about Merlin screaming in fright as Mordred grabbed him. Arthur asked. “Right. Who’s next?” Nobody answered, Gwaine was rolling on the floor laughing still. “Leon?”

“No. I’m happier listening to them. I don’t know any good ones.” Leon replied.

“Gwen?” Arthur asked.

“No thanks.” Gwen said. She looked over at Merlin who was still glaring at everyone. “I know for a fact that Merlin can tell some pretty scary stories. Why not him?”

“Merlin?!” Arthur said incredulously. “Merlin couldn’t even tell a story scary enough to scare a fly.” Merlin glared at him.

“I will.”  Mordred interjected.

“Okay. It’s Mordred then Merlin.” Arthur said.

Chapter 7. - Mordred's Horror Story.Edit

“Only one I could think of. It kind of pushes the view that all sorcerers are evil. Sorry.” Mordred said telepathically to Merlin before starting his story. “The tide was high on the ocean bed.  A woman stood on the cliff face watching the scene intently that played out before her. She had captured the woman’s mind, in order to cause unbearable pain. She was controlling her she could nothing of her own free will. The woman walked towards the cliff face, towards the sea. A man ran up behind her as she stood on the edge of the cliff. She turned round as he called her name. “Amelia. Wait!!!” the man called. He ran forward to try and stop her but he was too late. She whispered her last words: “Help me.”

It was eerie the way Mordred told his story, even the strong breeze that blew through the Stones of Nematon stopped to listen. Everyone was staring at him intently. The way he spoke sounded as though he had been there. As though he had seen to whole thing. “She fell backwards off the cliff. The man ran forward to try and stop her but there was nothing he could do. His love hit the rocks below with a sickening thud. He turned to the witch who stood on the cliff. “You did this.” He yelled in pain and anguish, “You will pay witch.” But the witch tortured him, and cursed him forever to have the same powers as her, to be shunned by everyone.” Mordred finished, a small tear glistened in the corner of his eye. “The man was me.” He said telepathically to Merlin.

Everyone shivered. It really was a creepy story, they were stunned into shock by the evil of sorcery. “It only proves how evil sorcery is.” Arthur commented.

“Well done.” Merlin said telepathically, in a very sarcastic way to Mordred.

“Merlin?” Arthur said, “Your turn.” Merlin shook his head hastily. “Don’t tell me you’re scared of a little story!!” Arthur said incredulously.

“Fine.” Merlin said, he ducked his head down so that half his face was in shadow.

Chapter 8. - Merlin's Horror Story.Edit

“Right.” Merlin said, half his face still in shadow. “This is a true story. It happened when I was seven. I was in Ealdor with my mother, when we heard screams coming from all corners of the village. The sound of wolves howling echoed around in the darkness. The villagers were all running for the forest but those that didn’t get away quick enough were ripping to shreds before our eyes. But what the people heading for the forest was that, loads of other wolves were waiting just inside the forest. The wolves were bigger than normal wolves, they were huge and when they stood on their hind legs they were taller than bears.” Merlin said. He looked at the others a few of them were looking scared already, including Arthur.

“I could hear the wolves snarling as they ripped the people to shreds. Due to the crowds I was separated from my mother. I was only seven and I was terrified, I had no idea where to run or where to hide. But just behind me I heard a low guttural growl. I could feel a sharp glare on my back. The smell of rotten flesh gagged me as the huge black wolf came up behind me. I froze and slowly tuned round. There behind me was a huge wolf, but it had only just half transformed. It still looked sort of human but with patches of wolf fur all over his body. His facial features looked as though they had been smashed apart then hastily glued back together. He grinned at me, with a long cold smile with sharp canine yellow teeth, his smile was too long for a normal human’s mouth to even manage. He licked his lips while he stood there staring at me.

His eyes were a weird colour; flecks of red mixed with gold, brown and blue. I stood there staring in shock at the man before me. He licked his lips again. Then he spoke, his voice low and guttural and he could barely speak due to the wolf instincts that he was holding within. He wanted to split me open and feast, drinking the life force from my body. “Do you want to see a fawn?” he asked. “It’s back in the forest just there.” He said pointing into the forest. I nodded, as I didn’t know what he was then but I soon learnt what he was. He led me into the forest and showed me a fawn but it wasn’t what I had expected, it had been ripped apart with all the purple intestines hanging out of the corpse. I gasped. “Here it is. Do you like it?” he asked. Tears welled in my eyes. “Why don’t you pet it?” he said. I shook my head but he grabbed my wrist so hard, I knew it would bruise later then forced my hand to bush the fawn’s fur and then he shoved my hand deep into the pool of blood and intestines. I burst into tears there and then. You see the werewolves love torturing and tormenting their food before they eat it.” Merlin spat. He glanced at the others they all looked terrified now.

“The wolf pulled my hand away as I began sobbing. That’s when he could hold his wolfish instincts no more and he transformed fully into the wolf that he had been holding back for so long. He licked his lips as he stood there staring at me, my hand was  still drenched in the fawn’s blood and guts. The wolf leapt at me, claws outstretched for my side, they ripped through my shirt and into my side popping through my skin, making me scream louder. His claws then edged towards my face and dragged them slowly down the side of my face. Then he did the same to my arm and bit it too.” Merlin finished. The others were staring at him, looking absolutely terrified.

Arthur was the first to recover. “If this is true then where are the scars?”  Merlin sighed, he pulled off his scarf and used it to pretend to wipe something away from his face. But Mordred saw his mouth move to cast the spell to remove the vanity enchantment. Merlin turned his head so the shadowed side was in the light, there on the side of his face was a long thick scar that only a wolf of considerable size could make. Then he lifted the side of his shirt, revealing where the wolf had pierced his side. Then he rolled up on of his sleeves to reveal the bite mark and scar that stretched down his arm. Everyone’s faces blanched. Merlin lowered his eyes as they flashed a dull gold to put the vanity spell back in place. “Now you know.” He muttered darkly. “I only wish I had found that wolf and killed it, to get revenge.” 

Chapter 9. - Arthur's Horror Story.Edit

“It was dark day in Camelot, children were dying and no one knew why. I was just ten years old. My father suspected that it was sorcery but he wouldn’t let me and Morgana know anything about it. I already knew too much due to my curious nature. He wouldn’t let me or Morgana go anywhere without a full guard tagging along as it was but now it was just ridiculous. We had to have a full guard everywhere we went, I couldn’t get enough peace. Everywhere I went all I got was a bunch of guards following me and saying: “Good morning young Prince Arthur. What are you going to be up to this morning?” It was bloody annoying I can tell you. So I met with Morgana, and we decided to go and find out all we could about what was going on.....” Arthur said.

“Stop there. We don’t need to hear any more. This story is creepy enough if it has Morgana in it!” Gwaine joked, everyone laughed.

But still Arthur continued. “So I and Morgana were just casually walking down the corridor, when our huge guards started following us. I glanced at Morgana a slight smirk on my face. She glanced back at me then we ran full pelt down the corridor the guard couldn’t keep up. So we ran down one of the old dark wings that hadn’t been used for thousands of years due to the giant- when I say giant I mean GIANT- spiders that lived down there. Just then when we stopped two doors on either side of the corridor creaked open. I told Morgana to go into the other and I went into one on my left. The doors swung shut as we went into them. I can still see the petrified look on Morgana’s face.

But I was a bit too preoccupied with my own safety to worry any longer as I heard a creaking noise from behind me. It sounded like a rocking chair, rocking backwards and forwards but it couldn’t be. I turned round and there was a rocking chair rocking backwards and forwards with no one in it. Just then it flew up into the air, hitting the ceiling and shattering to pieces, then as I looked back up at the ceiling I could see a ghost of a person hanging from the ceiling.

Just then there was a loud scream. “Morgana!!!!!” I yelled. Pounding on the door but I couldn’t get it open or get any reply from Morgana. There was another scream. Then silence. The lights in the room I was in went out throwing the room into darkness but then I remembered the flint I had found earlier and the candle, so I pulled those out of my pocket and lit the candle but then wished I hadn’t as I caught sight of a message on the wall, written in blood saying: You should never have come down here. You could have saved yourselves.

I began to panic but as I turned round, a monster which had the form of a young boy about the same age as me was stood in front of me. He was covered in marsh mud. He roared in anger at the light from my candle and he raised his arms towards me. There in the far corner of the room, I saw a figure shrouded in black watching, when they saw me looking at them, they smiled. Then I couldn’t control my arms, the arm holding the candle began to move the flame up and down the other arm causing such pain as I have never felt. The figure in the corner who was controlling me smiled and screamed a high pitched, bone chilling scream then they wrote another message on the wall: the boy in front of you, Arthur Pendragon, is my son. He was killed by your father and now I take children to get revenge.” Arthur finished speaking, he noticed all the knights and Merlin were trembling with fear and glancing around into the dark night for any of the monsters they had heard of tonight. Gwen smirked at Arthur, he nodded to her. Now it was her turn. Guinevere let out and blood curdling, bone chilling scream which sounded exactly like the one Arthur had heard all those years ago as a child, she continued screaming and Arthur put out the fire. Making all the knights and Merlin yell in fright. Mordred while yelling in fear muttered a spell and crouch close to the fire as it lit back up to make it seem like he had relit the flames. They stopped yelling in fright as Arthur and Guinevere burst out laughing. “Fooled you all!” they laughed.

“It was Guinevere she screamed!” Arthur laughed.

Chapter 10. - The Return to Camelot.Edit

The return to Camelot was not a pleasant one. Every single one of them was scared due to the stories they had heard that night. Including Arthur although he tried to not let it show. Merlin shivered at the thought of the wolf still being out there waiting for the time to strike him again. Mordred was lost in the fears about the witch coming back to find him and do the same thing to him as she had done to Amelia. Percival was keeping his wits sharp and on the lookout for the army of the dead. Arthur was however looking out for the person who he had seen in his childhood. Gwen and Leon although they hadn’t told any stories they were on the lookout for any of the monsters that they had heard of that night. Neither of them spoke, too wrapped up in their own fears to even think of uttering a single word. Every time the wind howled Merlin flinched thinking it was the wolf, following them back to Camelot. Even when they had reached Camelot they still weren’t satisfied that they would be safe.

Chapter 11. - Freaked out. Arthur's P.O.V.Edit

I was glad to finally arrive back at Camelot, all those scary stories had given me the creeps, I just wanted to go to bed and forget this whole ordeal. I had told Guinevere to go to bed as she looked absolutely shattered. I watched her go down the corridor towards the royal chambers, Gwaine, Merlin, Leon, Percival and Mordred walked past me, still glancing around and looking terrified. They all muttered night to me, before heading off in their different directions towards their rooms.

I watched them go before starting to head in the direction Guinevere had gone, when I heard a blood curdling scream like the one Guinevere had let out at the Great Stones of Nematon. I ran towards the direction of the royal chambers and there was Guinevere stood statue still, her face pale and her eyes as wide as brown disks. “Guinevere love, what’s the matter?” I asked.

“E-E-Elyan.” She muttered, “He was s-stood there.” She pointing in the direction where she said Elyan had been stood. “He was pale and transparent. His ghost.”

‘This has gone too far.’ I thought, ‘You can scare me but no one and I repeat no one is allowed to scare my wife.’ “Stay here.” I said, I left the room. As I went down the corridor I heard the scream again. This time I knew that it wasn’t Guinevere.

Chapter 12. - Freaked out. Merlin's P.O.V.Edit

I tried to ignore the fact that my head was swimming with memories of that day when I was seven and that great wolf attacked me. The pain of the scars throbbed mentally in my head. I clambered into my bed. Ducking my head under the quilt, which ever since I was a child I have done when I was frightened. The moonlight shone on my back as I tried to get to sleep. But then I heard it the loud guttural growl of the wolf from my childhood. I could recognize that growl anywhere. The hairs on my arms and neck stood up in fear and goose bumps erupted down my arms. Tonight was not my lucky night. I climbed out of bed, cautiously. I looked at the door to my bedroom and saw it. The long, huge shadow that I saw the last time I saw the wolf. “Hello. Young Merlin.” I heard his voice call. I slide slowly under my bed careful to not make a noise. The door shuddered as he tried to barge the door open. Luckily I had remembered to lock it before getting into bed otherwise he would have been through that door and feasting on me in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 13. - Freaked out. Mordred's P.O.V.Edit

"Help me!” Amelia’s voice still echoed in my head. I wish I hadn’t told them that story now. I should have just kept it to myself. I missed Amelia so much and I wish I didn’t have this curse that the witch had put on me. I liked it some ways as I had got many good friends from having these gifts but I just wish Amelia had never of died for it.


" Aww. Poor little Mordy. Still pining for his lost girl.” A voice called. The witch.

“Show yourself Arielle. Or are you too scared to face me now that you have given me these powers? Are you afraid that I’m more powerful than you?” I taunted. An invisible hand slapped me across the face then it was gone. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Amelia, except it wasn’t Amelia. It was her ghost. “Mordred.” She said, leading me out of my chambers.....

Chapter 14. - Freaked out. Percival's P.O.V. Edit

'Those stories really were freaky.’ I thought as I walked along one of the corridors in the Eastern wing of Camelot. I gripped my sword tightly as I walked. The shadows in the corner of every corridor gave me the creeps, the larger ones especially. Every time I walked past one of the shadows I always glanced back just to make sure that there was no member of the army of the dead coming for me.

A deep moaning sound came from behind me and I drew my sword about to strike the live corpse down but it was only Gwaine. “Gwaine!!! Don’t do that!!!!” I yelled.

“Oh sorry did I scare you?” he asked mockingly, I swung my sword at him in a mock attack.

“Whoa. Careful.” He said, jokingly. His face blanched.

“That scared you. Now get lost!!” I yelled.  He ran off up the corridor. I sighed and as I turned round there in front of me stood the army of the dead......

Chapter 15. - Freaked out. Gwaine's P.O.V. Edit

‘Whoa that was freaky!!!’  I thought, as I ran up the corridor away from the army of the dead. I shouldn’t have left Percival to fight them all on his own but what was I supposed to do. Anyway I was hungry and I can’t fight on an empty stomach. I decided to go in the direction of the kitchens to see if I could grab some food without the cook noticing.

The weird thing about that cook is that she seemed to always know when I was in the kitchen and know when her food was in danger from my stomach. She always knew exactly when I was in the kitchen. A creepy thought came over me. ‘Urgh! What if she sleeps in the kitchen....... Actually that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I should do that!!!’ I continued on my way to the kitchen. But I wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea or not as if I caught eating that mad old bat’s food again, Arthur may not put me in the stocks but she certainly would. Se only ever let the food be eaten at meal times, but then why did she make before she went to bed, leaving it on the table over night to entice me to come and eat it?

Chapter 16. - Freaked out. Leon's P.O.V. Edit

All those scary stories had given me the creeps and I just really wanted that night to be over quickly and peacefully. With no more spooky things happening. But I guess luck just wasn’t with me today as out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rosalie, my sister.  “Rosalie.” I whispered, a lump in my throat.  

I can see the marks left behind from the cockatrice when it attacked our home. The pools of blood that had formed on her gown staining it red that fateful day, were now ghostly silver. "Why Leon?" she asked. "You had a sword yet you didn't feel the need to try and kill it."
I looked at the floor to my chambers. I couldn't bear to meet my sister's-my dead sister's - eyes. I thought of a reply but by the time I looked up she had disappeared.

Chapter 17. - Freaked out. Gwen's P.O.V. Edit

I can’t believe that I just saw Elyan, literally just a few moments ago he was stood right in front of me. At first I just thought it was a trick of the light or maybe my imagination, but now I’m sure it was definitely him. I couldn’t believe it, how was it possible. Elyan had died a few months ago, then just now he was in here stood before. Looking exactly like he always did, except at those times he wasn’t transparent.

I was still stood in the same place when Arthur left the room again, I hadn’t even noticed that he had gone. One minute he was there the next – poof! – He was gone. I lay on my bed trying to get my head round what I had seen, did I imagine it? Or was he really there? I turned over to try and get some sleep and there he was again. I screamed.

Chapter 18. - Freaked out. Arthur's P.O.V. Part 2.Edit

I knew that, that scream did not belong to Guinevere. I followed were I felt screams had come from only to fight that it had led me back to the very same corridor, which me and Morgana had been in all those years ago. I shivered at the memory. I knew there was giant spiders down, but it wasn’t them I was afraid about. I turned round and walked down the corridor that I had just came from and grabbed a torch from the wall. Right now I was ready.

I walked slowly and cautiously down the dark, dank, musty old corridor. I hadn’t set foot in this part of the citadel for more than seventeen years. I have to admit, I was terrified. I kept my sword held in front of me the whole way down the corridor prepared for giant spiders or even worse the dark figure that haunted my nightmares ever since I was a child. Then it all went dark...... the torch had gone out. But I hadn't felt a single breeze. Then I heard it, the screams, the figure was stood at the corridor watching me. There was a loud cracking sound and the ceiling fell in, blocking the only exit.

Chapter 19. - Freaked out. Merlin's P.O.V. Part 2.Edit

‘Fantastic!!! Life just stooped to an all time low.’ Here I am under my bed, with the werewolf from my childhood, banging on the door to get it open. I can still see his broad shadow under the door. I felt a shiver down my spine as I caught the stench of the rotten flesh again. “Oh come on Merlin let me in. I’ll huff and puff and never give up!” the wolf said, he chuckled at his own joke. I knew he hadn’t transformed fully. Those werewolves that transform fully can’t speak. He barged against the door again, causing the hinges to whine with the pressure.

There was a wolf outside trying to get in and eat me, just because he never managed to when I was a child, and what was I doing? Hiding under my bed and quaking in fear, as I would have done when I was a child. I covered my ears, trying to clear my head of all thoughts of the wolf eating me and focused. I had to do something unless I wanted to become dog food. There was only one way out and the wolf was stood waiting there so that was a no go. The only other way was the......window.

‘This will have to be quick with no thinking about it. Unless I move now the wolf is going to burst through that door and tear me to shreds.’ I thought, I carefully slid out from under my bed so as to not make a noise. I moved cautiously over to the window. Pausing every now and then as the door hinges and lock gave another groan, the wood on the door starting to splinter. I quickly grabbed a rope, tying it to my bed. It was now or never.

Chapter 20. - Freaked out. Mordred's P.O.V. Part 2.Edit

I was still following the ghost of Amelia, I had no idea where she was leading me. I couldn’t believe that she was here, right in front of me exactly as I remember, well not exactly. He wasn’t transparent the last time and she could say more than help me. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes as I looked at her back. I wished more than anything that it was me who had been forced to jump off the cliff. More than anything that I could hold Amelia in my arms. I followed her right into the King’s solar. There she floated above the candelabra. She turned round to face me. “Amelia?” I called as though she would somehow come back towards me and turn back into the girl I loved, turn solid again. Just so I could hug her, kiss her, tell her that I loved her. “Help me.” She said, before falling backwards as she had done on the cliff.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I howled, reaching out towards her.

Chapter 21. - Freaked out. Percival's P.O.V. Part 2.

“Jesus Christ!” I uttered as I turned round to see the army of the dead in front of me. Not something that I was expecting to see. I pulled my sword from my belt and attacked as the first few corpses, including George came towards me. I backed up towards the wall. I couldn’t let them get behind me otherwise I’d be lost. I swung my sword at the head of one of them as he came too close for comfort the stench of rotting flesh making me gag. His head bounced off his shoulders and rolled away. But still he kept coming even though he was headless.

I continued swinging my sword at them, but I couldn’t fight them all. I wished Gwaine hadn’t of ran off, not now when I needed him most of all. I could see George beckoning to me as though saying: give in Percival. You won’t win. You’ll be killed. I’d rather die than join them anyway. I yelled in pain as one of the dead got to close and pierced my side with their blade. I spun round blinded by pain, and my sword wildly struck them in the ribs. But unfortunately my sword was wrenched from my grasp.... it had got stuck in between their rib cage! Now not only was I surrounded by dead corpses but I was now weapon less.

Chapter 22. - Freaked out. Gwaine's P.O.V. Part 2. Edit

I felt bad for leaving Percival with the army of the dead and kind of regretted running away now. But I didn’t run away because I was scared or nothing.... I was just hungry and I can’t fight on an empty stomach. ‘Finally! The kitchen. Thank god for that, I’m starving.’ I thought as I entered the kitchen. I was surprised to find no food waiting for me to come and eat it on the table. I looked around in all the cupboards but still there was no food. “NOOOOOO!!!! My worst nightmare has come true!!!! There’s no food!!!!!” I howled, dropping to my knees. ‘Someone stole the food. My food.’

The cook came into the room, brandishing and ladle. “You!!! What are you doing in my kitchen?!!!!” she asked. ‘Oh god! Not her!!!’ I thought. “Err......” I stalled. But then she noticed that her food was missing from the table where she normally leaves it. “My food!!!! You greedy, piggy little knight. You’ve eaten all my food, how dare you!!!!” she screeched. Uh oh! Now I was for it!

Chapter 23. - Freaked out. Leon's P.O.V. Part 2.Edit

I can’t believe that I just saw Rosalie, my sister. There in front of me, with the wounds from the cockatrice and all. My heart beat faster as though it wanted to leap out of my chest as I thought about the accusing stare my sister had given me. I physically and emotionally felt completely drained.

~Que Leon’s Flashback. ~

I stood in the corridor watching all the chaos that was going on around me. I was little more than fifteen at the time; I had only just got myself a new sword. I held it up in front of my face letting the sunlight glint off the silver polished blade. The hilt fitted my hand perfectly. “Leon, brother. What’s going on?” my little sister Rosalie called from behind me.

“I don’t know Rose. But stay close to me.” I whispered. I could tell she was scared from the look on her face, I felt her tiny hand slip into mine. Even then I could feel the little tremors of fear that went through my little sister. I rubbed my thumb soothingly along the back of her hand.

We walked down the corridor watching in shock and fear as people ran past us screaming in fear. What was going on? I turned a corner and came across one of the men who worked for my father. “Sir Bertrand.” I said, “What’s going on?”

“Ah. Master Leon. Your father wants you and your little sister, Miss Rosalie to go straight to your chambers. There is a cockatrice loose and he doesn’t wish for either of you to get hurt.” Sir Bertrand. ‘Fair enough.’ I thought. I had read a book once about the cockatrice and knew it to be a fearsome creature of nightmare. One bite would mean certain death. “Come on Rose. We better get out of the way.” I said, dragging my little sister towards my chambers.

We entered my chambers without as much as a sight of the fearsome cockatrice. I lifted Rose up onto my bed and sat beside her. She was chewing on her nails nervously. “Rose calm down. It’ll be okay.” I said but as I said that there was a loud crash from outside and yells. The cockatrice. “Rose stay here and whatever you do don’t move.” I said running outside, forgetting to shut the door. I ran along the corridor, the only sound was of my feet slamming against the hard stone floor, and my blood pounding in my ears. I turned the corner and saw a mangled body of four of my father’s finest men. Just then I heard a loud scream and roar from behind me. Coming from my room. “ROSE!!!!!!” I yelled running back the way I had come. I reached my room and slid to a halt as I catch sight of my sister stood just a few inches away from the cockatrice. “Rose.” I whispered. My sister turned her head to look at me. “It ate Lion.” My sister whispered, her face pale with tears running down her cheeks. Her eyes huge round green disks. Lion was our cat. My sister loved him to pieces. “Lion.” My sister sobbed again. The cockatrice glanced at my sister and I saw its tongue flicker out of its mouth, pulling a black tail into its mouth- Lion’s tail. I recoiled in disgust. “Rose.” I whispered, slowly sliding my sword out of my belt. “Come here, towards me. Slowly.” I beckoned for her to come towards me.

She nodded slowly and took a few steps in my direction, away from the cockatrice. I could hear her breath coming out ragged, filled with suppressed sobs. The cockatrice reared upwards, and my sister hurried a few steps, which made it follow her. “Slowly Rose. Slowly.” I said, “Look at me. But don’t turn your back to it.” Rose took a few more steps towards me, but the cockatrice kept following. I moved slowly over to the bed and grabbed one of the pillows; I threw it as hard as I could. It bounced off the cockatrice’s head distracting it for a few moments, but the pillow had also knocked the only thing we had left of our mother’s off the table down towards the cockatrice. Rose turned around. “Mother’s bracelet and her painting!” my sister cried as the cockatrice turned towards the items. “Rose no! Leave them, just come this way!!” I yelled but she didn’t listen. She ran towards them and the cockatrice grabbed her, and all I could do was stand there.

~End of Leon’s Flashback. ~

Chapter 24. - Freaked out. Gwen's P.O.V. Part 2.Edit

The scream burned up the back of my throat as I stared in horror at Elyan’s ghost. Why was he haunting me?  What had I done to make him haunt me? “Elyan.” I whispered but he didn’t answer. Of course I had never expected him too. He came towards me, his hands outstretched, like he was going to strangle me.

“Elyan, please stop.” I whispered, my wind pipe tightening in fear. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the moment when my brother choked me to death. I delved my mind back into past memories of me and Elyan as I felt his cold, clammy hands go round my neck.........

Chapter 25. - Freaked out. Arthur's P.O.V. Part 3.Edit

‘Damn it!!!!! That damn figure trapped me down here.’ I groped around on the floor trying to feel for my sword and torch which I had dropped when the ceiling had caved in.  I heard the loud scream again and I tried to block it from my mind. ‘There’s no such thing as ghosts! There’s no such thing as ghosts!’ I thought as the screams got louder and louder, closer and closer. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut. ‘There’s no such thing as ghosts! There’s no such thing as ghosts! There’s no such thing as ghosts! There’s no such thing as ghosts! There’s no such thing as ghosts! There’s no such thing as ghosts!’

I heard  a loud screeching sound in front of my but I knew it wasn’t a ghost. I forced my eyes open and I quite literally almost let out a scream like a girl. There in front of my face was a giant spider. I hate spiders!! And also I had no sword!!! ‘Great! A giant spider is in front of me and has a very hungry and deadly look in its eyes and here I am with no sword!’ I thought sarcastically. This was not going to end well.

Chapter 26. - Freaked out. Merlin's P.O.V. Part 3.Edit

‘Oh god!!!! Why did I even think of doing this?!!!’ I thought, well more screamed in my head, as I climbed out of the window and down the rope. Every single breeze made the rope wobble. This was definitely not one of my better plans. I was either going to slip off the rope and fall to my death, although I could most probably be able to use magic..... If I knew the right spell that is. Or I was going to be eaten by the werewolf that was aching to get into my bedroom.

I could still hear the door hinges groaning from the werewolf’s pressure. Any minute now and it would have broken through. The wind blew again and the rope twisted in the breeze, I clung on for dear life as the rope span. I was freezing cold and not to mention more than a bit scared. There was a loud splintering sound from up in my room. The werewolf had broken into my room. I could hear his clawed feet, scratching the floorboards. I could hear him throwing open the doors to the wardrobe, and kneeling down to check under my bed. That was it...... I was going to die..... He would notice the rope tied around the leg of my bed..... I was doomed! “Merlin!!! Come out, come out wherever you are!” I could hear the werewolf call. I shivered from a mix of cold and fear.  

The werewolf’s head then appeared at the window, looking downward. I pulled myself as close to the rope as I could but I knew he would still spot me. “Hello Merlin!” the half man, half wolf called down to me. ‘Damn!’  He then disappeared from the window and I could hear him moving about in my room. He then reappeared, in his hands he held half of my bed...... the half that had the rope tied to it. He stuck the end out of the window. ‘Oh god!!!’ I thought, he was either going to drop it out of the window, making me fall to my death or he was going to pull me up using it. Either way it didn’t look good.

Chapter 27. - Freaked out. Mordred's P.O.V. Part 3.Edit

“Noooo.” I whispered my head in my hands. Tears were wetting the inside of my palms. But I didn’t care. “Amelia.....” I sobbed. She was there..... Right in front of me. The first time I had seen her in years. I shut my eyes tight, but her face haunted my mind. Pale white and transparent. “Poor Mordy. She fell in front of you. Now she chooses to haunt you forever more.” Arielle said.

“Show yourself. Whatever sick game you are playing Arielle it won’t work!!! You may have taken Amelia, but you’ll never get me!!” I yelled into the empty space around me. ‘She still chooses to hide.’ I thought bitterly. The things I had just said had made all of this sound like a childish game of hide and seek. I smirked. Well if Arielle was going to hide. It was my job to seek.

Chapter 28. - Freaked out. Percival's P.O.V. Part 3. Edit

This was it!! I was going to die, stood here surrounded by corpses and completely weapon less. This was not good. A few corpses came towards me now that they sensed I was unarmed; I punched them in the face. Knocking them flying backwards, but covering my hand in rotten mulchy flesh. ‘Gross!’ I thought as I shook my fist sending the flesh flying everywhere.

I don’t know why but I just suddenly thought of what Arthur had said, during the battle to win back Camelot from Morgana, Morgause and the immortal army: ‘If we’re going to go down, we’ll go down fighting!!! For the love of Camelot!!!!’ I turned my head towards the corpses, clenching my fists. “If I’m going to go down, I’ll go down fighting!!!! For the love of Camelot!!!!” I yelled, punching even more corpses. George smirked at my efforts at first, but he soon began to make his forces retreat as I got closer and closer to him. I smiled triumphantly, as the last of the corpses took off away from my fiery fists of fury.

Chapter 29. - Freaked out. Gwaine's P.O.V. Part 3. Edit

“You greedy piggy knight, eaten all my food you have!!!” the cook screeched. Did she never shut up!!! 

“Hey. Let me straighten this out. One, I did not eat your food. Two, I would have if there was any here in the first place. Three, do you sleep in this kitchen? Because if you do then that is seriously cool!!” I said. He stared at me like I had just slapped her in the face. Her face when bright red, but I had no idea as to whether it was in anger or embarrassment. “What’s it to you?!” she snapped, “And obviously you are lying about there being no food as I would know as I put some out before I went to bed!!” she grabbed a ladle that was lying on the side.

‘Oh god!!! Look out!!! She has a ladle!!!’ I thought, making myself grin which didn’t help the situation. I ran out of the kitchen all thoughts of food now gone from my mind. A deadly cook was one thing. But a kitchen without any food was just a pure nightmare!!! I ran all the way back to my chambers slamming the door behind me a hoping that all of this would have turned out to be a bad dream.

Chapter 30. - Freaked out. Gwen's P.O.V. Part 2. Edit

I could feel Elyan’s hands round my neck and any minute now and he would kill me. He would soon choke me to death. ‘Arthur.... Arthur I love you.’ I thought as Elyan’s hands tightened on my wind pipe, choking the air out of my lungs. ‘No!!! I would not die like this!!! I had to fight, back!!!”

I kicked my legs at Elyan not that it would do much damage, but if I could move enough to free myself. His hands tightened causing me to choke and cough as I used the last of my energy to fight back. I kicked and fought but his hands just kept on tightening around my neck. I grabbed the nearest thing that came to my hand- one of Arthur’s gauntlets- and threw it. I shut my eyes again not wanting to see the malicious smile that was on my brother’s face as he choked me. “Help!!” I rasped, just as I blacked out..........

Chapter 31. - Freaked out. Percival's P.O.V. Part 4. Edit

There was a loud clatter, which sounded like metal on stone as I walked past the royal chambers. I stopped and looked around but the corridor was empty. I just about to continue on my way when I heard a voice rasp: “Help!!” I stopped again. It had sounded like Guinevere but I wasn’t sure. “My lady! Where are you?!” I called, but there was no answer. It was then that I noticed the door to the royal chambers was slightly ajar.

I cautiously walked towards the open door and peered in. I could see Gwen lying on the floor and a ghostly figure standing over her..... Choking her. “Stop!!!” I yelled pushing the door open and entering the room. The figure turned round and I saw it was Elyan..... Well his ghost anyways. He smiled at me. “You’re too late. She’ll soon be dead.” He said in a cold voice. This was not the Elyan we had all known and loved. I entered the room even more. “I said, stop!!!” I growled threateningly, clenching my fists. “I have punched you before Elyan and I’m not afraid to do it again. Ghost or not.” I said. He sneered at me, and then ran off. I glanced around.... I knew he wouldn’t be far away. I knelt down beside Gwen and felt on her neck for a pulse. It was there but only faint. I scooped her up in my arms and laid her on the bed, and sat beside her waiting.

A little while after and her eyelids, fluttered then slowly they opened. “Percival.” She said, her voice sounded hoarse. I smiled; well at least she was still alive. “I’ll get you some water.” I said, moving over to the jug which was set on the table. I filled up a goblet and handed it to her. She drank it all in one gulp. “Gwen where’s Arthur?” I asked.

“I don’t know. He went off after Elyan. But then Elyan came back here and Arthur didn’t.” She gasped, “What if Elyan k-k-k.......” she could finish the sentence as a wave of tears broke out.

“He’s not. Don’t worry Gwen we’ll find him.” I said, starting to rise from the chair. She grabbed my arm. “No! Don’t leave me here.” She said her eyes wild with fear. I smiled and sat back down although my better nature was telling me that I had to find Arthur as my instinct was saying he was in grave danger.

Chapter 32. - Freaked out. Arthur's P.O.V. Part 4. Edit

I was staring deep into the eyes of the soulless monster that stood before me. I was unarmed and this monster was stood before me armed with everything from web traps, eight hairy and very large legs, ten gleaming eyes that showed hungry in every single one of them and sharp looking pincers that gleamed with venom. I gulped, and tried to feel around for my sword. ‘It’s probably on the other side of the wall. Which totally means I’m trapped! I’m so going to die!!’ I shook my head, not was not the time for fear I had to find a way out of this situation. I felt around on the floor, but all that I could feel was a bunch of sharp shards of rock. ‘That’s it!!!! I’ll use the rocks. If I jab it in the eyes then, it possibly won’t be able to see me, meaning that I can escape. This corridor has to lead somewhere.’  I grabbed a handful of rocks. I had a good aim, so this should be easy. I grabbed one and threw it at the giant spider. Just as I had planned it hit the spider right in the eye. ‘Yes!!! If I can do that with the others, then this should be a breeze.” I threw the rest of the stones at the giant spider, some missed their aimed target but it would have to do. I leapt to my feet and ran, the spider followed me. I could hear it clicking it’s pincers behind me. I ran, leaping over the bones of the skeletons that littered the floor. There was a door open on the left hand side of the corridor and I didn’t care whether it was a trick, I just leapt through the open door and slammed it shut. I could hear the spider scrabbling on the other side of the door, just itching to get in.

I breathed a sigh of relief and shivered in disgust. I really hated spiders. I looked around the room I had leapt inside and it was the same one from all those years ago, that I had been trapped in. I turned round towards the door and rattled the door handle trying to get it open..... Not caring about the spiders on the other side. But that’s when I heard the screams. Not on the side of the door with the spiders...... But on my side, with me. I turned round slowly and then I saw them....... The dark figure and the ghosts of all the children they took and the ghost of her son....... Beside me a candle flickered on and illuminated the room....... My hand unwillingly reached for the candle. ‘Not again.’

Chapter 33. - Freaked out. Merlin's P.O.V. Part 4.Edit

I stared into the hungry amber of the werewolf above me. I had to think of something; otherwise I would either be eaten or would fall to my death. ‘What to do? What to do?’ Well stay calm would be one of those things. I looked down, not the smartest thing I could have done, as it didn’t help my fear of heights. But it did help me figure out what to do. There was still a bit of rope left below me and there was a balcony below. I looked back up at the wolf, hoping he wouldn’t realise what I was planning to do. But it seemed that he didn’t notice what I had been looking at. I slowly started to slide down the rope towards the balcony, keeping my eyes on the wolf above me.

Every so often I glanced down to check how far away from the balcony I was...... Just a little further. But then the wolf started to pull the rope up. Making it further and further away from the balcony. ‘No!!!’ I thought as I let go of the rope and plummeted towards the balcony. I landed on my feet, causing both ankles to twist painfully. “Gah!!!” I winced in pain. I tried to take a step forward, but my ankles wouldn’t allow it. I glanced up at the werewolf, he was snarling in anger at me. But then he disappeared, I had escaped for now, but how long would it be till he came back. I couldn’t move from this balcony due to my twisted ankles and he was probably on his way to this very balcony now.  

Chapter 34. - Freaked out. Arthur's P.O.V. Part 5.Edit

My hand was stretching for the candle; every muscle in my body was burning in my effort to make my hand stop. I forced my other hand on top of the one reaching out for the candle and tried to pin it to my side but it was as solid as stone. If only I had my sword. I could still hear the spider scrabbling on the other side of the door. My hand grabbed the candle and I noticed that all the ghostly figures were egging on my death.

They knew that I had just stood by and not tried to help. But I had tried to solve it with Morgana as a boy, but apparently that didn’t seem to please them.  My hand grabbed the candle and raised it towards me. But just then it stopped in the motion of moving towards me. I glanced up at the woman and she came towards me, the children following her. I tried to move but I was either frozen in fear or this was another part of her plan. My mind span into fast forward. All the time the same thought was going through my head. ‘How would I die? Would I ever see my beloved Guinevere again? Was there nothing I could do? Maybe appealing to their better nature?!’ I decided to try and appeal to their better nature, if they had one. If not it was still worth a shot. I still wished that I hadn’t lost my sword when all those rocks fell.

The ghosts of the children stopped and the woman came up in my face. She screamed loudly. I raised my eyebrows at her, a look of cool on my face....well at least I hoped so. ‘Really?!! Was that necessary?!!’ I thought. Her face was pale and gaunt but I couldn’t see her eyes or anything in the flickering candle light. I felt like pulling the hood of her cloak back to see who it was more clearly. But somehow I didn’t feel that it would help me much.

Chapter 35. - Freaked out. Merlin's P.O.V. Part 5.Edit

“Purhhaele dolgbenn.” I whispered as I clutched my ankles in my hands. I was still stuck on the balcony. I could feel the power of the spell flowing through my hands and into my ankles, healing them. I slowly climbed to my feet and stood. The pain in my ankles was still there but it was less. Unfortunately, the use of the spell had caused me to feel groggy; it was a really powerful spell that used a lot of energy. My eyelids felt heavy as I stepped towards the windows to the balcony. ‘Please be open, please be open.’ I begged as I turned one of the handles. Locked! ‘Damn it!!’ I removed my hands from the handles to the windows and raised and aimed them at the window. “Ic I tospringae.” I yelled, shoving my hands in the direction the window. It shattered from the force of my spell, as the lock flew back and the window slammed open. ‘Opps! Maybe a bit too much power.’ I thought, I stifled a yawn as I entered the room. Luckily the room was a spare guest chamber and it was unoccupied. I breathed a sigh of relief and ran towards the door. I could already feel the use of the spells beginning to take their toll. My eyelids fluttered, closing for a second and I ran into a stone pillar. I shook my head to clear the fog that was starting to obscure my vision. I wrenched the door open and ran down the corridor before I collapsed. ‘No!!!’ I yelled as I tried to fight the darkness threatening to overwhelm me. But it was too late......

Chapter 36. - Freaked out. Mordred's P.O.V. Part 4.Edit

“Show yourself. Arielle! Come out, come out wherever you are!!!” I called mockingly knowing that she was close, I could feel her presence.

“Hello Mordred.” She said, I span round and she was stood behind me. I glared at her and she smiled.

“You are a spiteful manipulative demon!!!” I yelled at her, tears filling my eyes as I stared at the woman who had caused the death of my beloved Amelia.  Arielle stepped forward and slapped across my face, I spat blood as I turned back round to face her. “Are you going to waste your time getting revenge on me Mordy?” she sniggered.

“I could do it you know. You gave me the power.” I said, smirking at her. She smiled at me before walking behind me, her hand tracing along my back. “You could fight me or you could use this precious time to save your friend.” She said.

“What are you talking about?!” I snarled. She smirked and her eyes flashed and a blue glowing ball appeared in her hand. In the ball I could see Arthur in a dark room, a candle in his hand, a look of pure concentration on his face. His other hand was trying to stop his hand, holding the candle, from reaching his skin. My mouth dropped open in shock. Surrounding him there was a bunch of ghost people and he was unarmed. I took off down the corridor ignoring Arielle as she cackled and ran off. ‘Friends are more important than revenge.’ I thought as I sprinted away.

Chapter 37. - Freaked out. Merlin's P.O.V. Part 6. Edit

My eyelids fluttered open my head pounding and my ankles aching. I blinked my eyes several times to clear my blurred vision. When my vision had cleared I could see the werewolf in my face, grinning. He was beginning to fully change now, knowing that he had got me. “Noooo.....” I groaned I felt really light headed. His fangs grew longer dripping saliva. A long trail of saliva drooled from the werewolf’s mouth as he licked his lips. It dripped right onto my shoulder trailing down my neck. “URGH!!!!!” I cried. The werewolf just grinned at me.

‘If only I can get rid of him.’ I thought as he lent down towards me dragging hi law along my cheekbone leaving a deep cut down the side of my face. Blood ran down the side of my face, staining my blue shirt with red blood. I closed my eyes and a spell came to my mind. I glanced up at the half man half wolf as he kept shifting between the two figures. Ic the bebode thaet thu abifiast nu!” I yelled, slamming my hand onto the floor, sending the werewolf flying backwards into the wall. “Ligfyr!” I yelled creating a burning fire wall before the werewolf could stand. I ran out of the room and down the corridor. Behind me I could hear a loud howling sound and I instantly knew that the werewolf was using his howls to blow out the flames. Soon after I caught the smell of burnt fur. ‘Damn it!!!’ I thought running down towards the lower floors in the citadel. I reached the bottom floor and ran into someone, we both fell backwards. “Mordred! What are you doing here?!” I asked as I realised that the person I had run into was the young knight.

“I had to save Arthur.” He said, pointing to the blocked up corridor. “What happened to your face?”

“Oh I had a run in with the werewolf from my childhood.” I replied. “You mean to tell me that Arthur is trapped behind here?”

“Possibly by the ghost he told us about.” Mordred said.

“Well let’s not just stand here looking at it.” I replied turning to face the blockade.

Chapter 38. - Freaked out. Arthur's P.O.V. Part 6.Edit

‘Will someone flipping hurry up and help me!!!!’ I thought as I tried forcing my hand away from the candle as the flames ran up and down my arm, but as I watched the flames the candle began moving towards my face. ‘Noooo!!! Not my beautiful face!!!!’ I thought as the candle moved closer. The ghosts continued to surround each of them baying for my blood. Suddenly there was a loud explosion from outside the room and my hand stopping moving the candle closer against my will.  The ghosts glanced at me as if to say was that you? “No it wasn’t me! I don’t even know what you want with me!!!” I yelled at them. But they didn’t pay attention. The candle began to move towards my face again. ‘No. No. No!!!’ Another loud explosion echoed from outside but this time the ghosts didn’t pay attention to it.

The woman shrouded in darkness screamed in my face again and I raised my eyebrows at her again. A small boy covered in mud from a marsh neared me and made a guttural roaring sound in my face. My eyebrows rose even higher that they probably disappeared under my fringe. I sighed in relief as the candle moved away from my face but then my arms held it out prepared to drop it. ‘Oh god!’ I thought. Suddenly the door to the room burst open and I spotted Merlin and Mordred stood in the doorway. “About time!!!!” I yelled as the candle dropped from my hands.

Chapter 39. - Freaked out. Edit

The door burst open and Arthur span his head round to face the door, spotting Mordred and Merlin, “About time!!” he yelled as the candle dropped from his hands. Mordred ran further into the room as Merlin’s eyes flashed golden slowing time and Mordred caught the candle as he dived for it, landing on the dusty floor the candle in his hands. He sighed in relief. But it wasn’t over yet the ghost of the children grew so angry that they shone in the darkness like the white heart of a roaring fire while the dark figure consumed the room in her darkness. Without even thinking Mordred began to cast a spell, Ewch yn ôl' at y tywyllwch y isfyd. Peidiwch byth i ddychwelyd byth i aflonyddu. I achub ein brenin rhaid i chi ddychwelyd, yn mynd.” He said and the ghost disapperated on the spot. Mordred placed the candle down on the table and turned to face Merlin and Arthur. Arthur glared at Mordred with a look of pure loathing. “You have magic?!” Arthur said, the hatred clear in his voice. Mordred nodded before lowering his head.

Arthur sighed and moved to walk out of the room, snatching a sword from Mordred’s belt as they left the room. They entered into the dark corridor, stepping over the dead corpse of the spider. They went up the staircases in silence until they came across their next the challenge the werewolf. “Oh no! Not you again!” Merlin groaned.

“Oh look! You brought a snack. They can watch you die Merlin and then the blonde one can be the main course and the one with curly black hair can be the dessert.” The werewolf snarled turning into the full form of the wolf. Guttural snarls and growls echoed through the corridor. “This blonde one has a name!” Arthur growled lowly as he advanced on the werewolf, “And you’ll have to get through me to get to Merlin.”

“And through me to get through Arthur.” Mordred snarled stepping beside Arthur, his sword raised. The werewolf circled them and snapped his jaws, warning them saliva dipping onto the floor. “Don’t let him bite you.” Merlin warned. “You’ll turn into a werewolf.”

“You don’t say Merlin!!!” Arthur retorted as he dodged the wolf as it’s teeth came close to biting Arthur’s arm. Arthur swiped his sword at the wolf, but the wolf dodged it just in time.

“There’s only one way to get at him!” Mordred called after five minutes of hard core fighting, dodging another attack from the huge wolf.

“Oh yeah?” Arthur called back swinging his sword in a arc towards the wolf, which dodged the blade again.

“Yeah! I’ll distract him and you stab it!” Mordred replied before moving towards the wolf.

“Mordred don’t!!!” Arthur yelled but Mordred wouldn’t be persuaded now. He moved towards the wolf and yelled: “Over here you great furry muttant!!!” the wolf turned to face Mordred and Arthur stabbed it from the side piercing right through the rib cage. The wolf snarled and roared in pain before dropping dead, a cloud of dust rising into the air. “Mordred?” Arthur called as he and Merlin waited for the dust to clear. A silhouetted figure staggered around the corpse of the wolf and reached them. Arthur and Merlin grinned, however, they soon noticed the large bite mark on Mordred’s arm.

Mordred dropped to his knees in front of Arthur and spread his arms widely, his voice already deepening into snarls and growls. “DO it!!! KILL me!!! Quickly!!! I don’t want TO become THAT!!!!” he said, tears sparkling in his eyes as he knelt there. His expression a mirror of pain.

“No.” Arthur replied.

“Do it please!!! Before I change!!!” Mordred said. “You have no choice!!! I’ll just become that and I’LL kill!!!”

“He’s right sire.” Merlin said.

“Shut up Merlin!!!” Arthur yelled, “There must be some way!!! A cure!!!!”

“There is not.” Mordred and Merlin replied. Arthur sighed, glancing at Mordred, tears starting to fill his eyes. “If you won’t do it lend me your sword and I’ll do it myself. My final WISH please ARTHUR!!!!” Mordred said, fur started to grow down his arms and neck. His teeth sharpened and grew, his mouth turning into a snout. Arthur raised his sword and plunged it deep into Mordred’s chest. Blood seeped across the red fabric of his cloak. “Thank you.” Mordred whispered before collapsing, dead.  

Chapter 40. - The Death of a Knight. Edit

The knights of Camelot lined the shore of the lake of Avalon, their red cloaks fluttered in the wind like flags. The boat was pushed out into the water, Mordred set in the middle of the boat. One of the archers set an arrow in the middle of his bow and lit it in one of the torches set by their side. He pointed his bow towards the sky and realeased the string sending the flaming arrow up into the sky to land in the boat setting it on fire. The knight, Arthur, Gwen and Merlin and Gaius stood watching the boat make it’s sad lament across the still calm waters.

The sky above was dark and cloudy casting a gloomy atmosphere across the lake. “It’s my fault. I should have stopped him.” Arthur said. Guinevere turned to face him, clutching his arm in hers. “It’s not your fault. Mordred was determined to do what he felt was right.”

“I still should have tried.” Arthur said turning away from Guinevere.

The End.

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