Nixies are the pixies of the water. While their land cousins serve the sidhe, nixies serve no one. Nixies are excellent at casting spells though their spells are not as strong as their pixie cousins.


Nixies are powerful spellcasters and can wield many spells. Nixies are excellent at brewing potions. Nixies live in freshwater ponds, rivers and lakes but some venture into the ocean.

Like their pixie cousins, nixies find human men very attractive. Nixies are very flirty and think that they are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Nixies are very vain and consider other beautiful magical creatures as ugly and pathetic.

Nixies are very weak when it comes to fighting other magical creatures. Thought they are powerful spellcasters, their magic is usually not enough to destroy an angry maenad or a rouge centaur.

Nixies love eating frogs, pond scum, slime and algae. They can catch their food with their long sticky tounges.


Nixies resemble pixies but with a few differences. Nixies are quite tall and their arms are quite long. Their skin is a dull blue, green and grey. Like pixies, nixies are covered in large hideous black warts. They look like hideous hags. Their hair is like rotten seaweed. Their flesh is covered in algae and their fingers are webbed and they have no fingernails like frogs. Their feet are large and frog-like.

Nixies have large mouths filled with needle sharp, glowing green teeth. Their tounges are long and purple. The end of their tounges are covered in tiny spikes. Nixies have spiny dorsal fins and spiny finned ears.

Nixies dress in clothes woven from seaweed, fishing nets, coral and scales. Their noses are slim, long and pointed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nixies can make powerful potions and cast great spells on inaminate objects. They can turn nets into eels, water into ice, sand into glass and the most powerful nixies can transform people into fish.

Nixies can create a magical substance called nixie dust that helps them in their spells.

Nixies are very strong and it is very difficult to kill them. The scales that cover them are like thick armour.


Nixies are not fast swimmers as their scales make them much heavier in the water and on land. Their spells are not very strong and their magic spells can be easily broken by any wizard.

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