Pixies are a race of short, ugly females with weak magical powers that serve the sidhe.


Since the dawn of time, pixies have served the sidhe as their loyal and devoted sevants. They are loyal to their tiny masters even when they threaten to kill them. Thepixies swore to serve the sidhe when the small faeries promised to keep them safe from the more powerful magical creatures.

Pixies have weak magical powers but can cast many sidhe spells. Pixies are excellent at brewing potions and lotions.

Pixies are often sent into the mortal world to look after changelings until the sidhe within the changeling fully arises.

Pixies have long tounges like frogs. They eat flies, bugs and frogs.

Pixies turn into pixie dust when they die. This pixie dust has many magical qualities, particurlary calming and soothing changelings.


Pixies take the form of short, plump women with reddish pink skin. Pixies have pointed yellow teeth and long, slimy pink tounges like a frog with tiny points on the tips. Their flesh is covered in large, inky black warts and dark brown-black pimples. Their fingers are short, plunp and their yellow nails are as sharp as a bear. Pixies have the faces of ugly hags with long, pointed noses, large elf-like ears and small pink and violet eyes. Their hair is course, thick, curly and slimy black, purple or indigo. In human form, they look like plump old women.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pixies can cast many powerful sidhe spells and are capable of using wizardy and witchcraft. Pixies are able to instantly master any spells or magical items that would take a wizard years to use. Pixies are excellent at making poisons, medicines and potions of all kinds.

Pixies are very hard to kill. Evan a very powerful wizard would find it hard to kill them as they have a resistance to magic. Even a powerful magical weapon like the sidhe staff would take a few blasts to kill them. Pixies are very tough and despite their size, they are ten times stronger than a human.

Pixies can create a magical substance called pixie dust. When a pixie is killed, her corpse transforms into pixie dust. After centries of working for the sidhe, the pixies have mastered many strong spells.

Their senses of a frog and the points on their tounges create a sweet smell that attracts their food. Pixies are immune to poison.

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