Father's secrets and a son's loveEdit


After calming down my anger in her embrace I just held on, breathing in her sweet scent to keep from bursting at my father again.

I was just feeling totally relaxed lost in my own thoughts when I felt her start to shake again, stiffening up. “what. . .?” I pulled back, keeping my arms still around her to look at her face. And that's when I herd it, his voice

“Dear, that's not how it works. Princes are meant to marry princesses of nobility and royal blood. Not serving girls who come from a background of knowing absolutely nothing of royal responsibilities or what it takes to be queen. And also it has been the way of princes marrying princesses for generations. We are not going to break a tradition that's been going on for hundreds of years for a little crush our son has on a servant. . .”

I smiled down at Guinevere “So not true love” I whispered, leaning into her for a kiss to calm her. But I stopped before following through with that kiss because my father continued.

“. . .I'm sure it will pass, after all this is just a phase that all young princes go through, picking one special servant and eloping with her for nights on end. Its most likely why he feels protective of her. . .”

Oh no he didn't. I felt my gradual anger creep back up my body. Never ever in all my life would ever imagine doing that and especially not to Guinevere. But he didn't stop there.

“. . .because he wants her all for herself. Why if she wasn't his and I wasn't married. . .” WHAT? I grabbed Guinevere pushing her behind me, and putting us back to back with my arm linked to hers. I wouldn't allow her to face my father, when I turned to face him.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” I felt her shaking even more against my back, I tightened my grip on her and I felt my free hand pull out my sword from my belt, holding it in front of me.

He stood, starting to walk towards us answering my question, “I merely said you have good taste in woman and I understand how you would want to keep her for yourself.”

“YOU ARE SICK” I spat. But he still advanced, moving closer. I became weary so I moved us to the wall away from my father. I shifted Guinevere in front of me, crushing her against my chest as I found my back against the wall. Her body the only thing between me and running my father through with my sword. But that didn't keep me from pointing it at him. “BACK OFF FATHER.” I found my sword touching his chest, a lot closer than I would have liked but there was no where else to go.


As I watched, my son defend her I couldn't find my voice only able to watch. I couldn't believe what my husband was saying. Arthur has good taste in women, how insulting. I got lost in my own thoughts not realizing that my son was backed up against the wall, sword out and Uther feet from them now.

I looked up to see Guinevere shaking with fear as I watched my husband get closer to the young couple. I saw Arthur step forward slightly, reaching his sword at his father's chest. “BACK OFF FATHER” I herd him say slowly but firmly.

I couldn't take this anymore, I got up from my seat and made my way in-between Uther and Arthur's sword. I turned to Arthur and Guinevere first “Arthur put the sword down, I wont allow anything to happen to you or her alright hon. I can promise you that, now take Guinevere and have a seat at the table ok. I will be there shortly.”

He nodded, and slowly put his sword back into his belt while keeping an eye on his father. While still tightly holding onto Guinevere he moved cautiously around us, his eyes never leaving his father. Once they were at the head of the table again, I turned to Uther and dragged him out of the room and brought him into the empty throne room across the hall.

“Uther, what are you doing? Insulting a woman like that, insulting your son like that, me like that. Explain yourself. What is the reason for all of this?”

“I'm sorry Igraine I didn't mean to insult you, I just hate this situation. And Arthur does have good taste in-”

I slapped him and slapped him again. “UTHER. This has to stop. If you dare insult Arthur's girl who could potentially be a future queen of Camelot I will put you in the cells for a week understand. And yes I can do that don't think that because I'm a woman doesn't mean I don't have authority over the knights of guards.”

He glared at me before sighing, “alright dear. I shall not insult her again. But don't expect me to interact or speak with the serving girl. You can do what you want with her and Arthur. I don't care anymore if you make her Arthur's mistress and make it an open relationship but they will not marry under no circumstances. And you will keep he away from me, and Morgana. A slut should not be around my ward.”

“Uther stop insulting the poor girl she is not Arthur's mistress. She has never done it with him I can tell when someone has eloped or not. Why do you think Arthur would ever have a mistress when he is not even married? Is that how you think it should go, for every young prince? To have a mistress before they are married? Taking poor girls from their virtue? How cruel are you Uther?”

“Igraine, Arthur should have a mistress. Every young prince has one before they get married needing indulgences. I had one except she wasn't a serving girl she was nobility, of royal blood. We met in Goloris's kingdom about 23 years ago when we were young boys. She was the fairest lady I ever met before you, dark black hair, piercing green eyes, white ski-”

He stopped talking, just realizing I was there listening. “Uther. . .” I said curiously. “If I didn't know better I would say you're describing Morgana? Or are my ears deceiving me?”

His eyes widened as if he realized what he just said not answering me. My eyes widened as well because I just realized, oh how could I not have seen? I felt disgust and disappointment, holding in the emotion that was so close to releasing from my body.

“You bastard. You sick minded bastard, how could you not tell me? Arthur? Morgana? Oh Uther what have you done?”

When he didn't reply that's when I snapped. 'Oh my god Uther. No wonder you are lacking in us lately as a couple. You have been thinking about Morganas mother because its the anniversary of her death. And that's why you have been out of sorts lately. Why did I not see it? Why did you not tell me you were her father?”

“Igraine, alright yes I admit it I am Morgana's biological father so? That does not mean that I don't love you just as much as her.”

“It does not change the fact that you lied to me for 20 years Uther. You can't just tell a big lie like that, it could effect this kingdoms future. We now have another heir to the throne not that that matters because Arthur is first in line. But what would Morgana say? You will have to tell them Uther. Arthur and Morgana deserve to know.”

Huh-huh. He sighed in defeat. “Alright dear, I will tell them when the time is right. In fact we should ask Morgana to breakfast and tell her and Arthur now. Although that serving we-Gwen is not allowed to find out. Such information in the wrong hands could be bad for Camelot.”

“No Uther. We shall do it later because I highly doubt Arthur will leave Guinevere's for even a moment to hear shocking mews that is coming from someone who is making advances to the girl he loves. Also Morgana is preparing to go and visit the Lady Vivian for the weekend in honor of Vivian's birthday, we should allow her to leave in peace. Plus we have another conversation to listen too.”

“And what conversation is that Igraine?”

“Now we have to go deal with our Arthur and Guinevere. And Uther, I don't care who starts it but one more outburst from you and you will have no say in what happens in their future or whether they get married. I will decide what to do and you will not be able to object to what I agree with. Understand?

“But Igraine. . .

“No Uther. I am serious, you will not have any say whatsoever whether you agree or not. No I need you to know that I want you to help me make these decisions but I also don't want you angering our son in the process. So you are going to go in there apologize to Guinevere and Arthur and then listen to them without any outbursts. Once that happens we will go from there working together with the situation ok hon?”

We stood there for a long moment before he finally agreed to my demands. I smiled, “good I know this is hard for you Uther but I am proud of you for at least trying to attempt this. And don't forget the other demands you have to follow through.”

“I have not forgot them and for you dear I will try and get along with Arthur. Now lets go.”

“Uther.” I said as he started for the door, turning around in his tracks.

“Yes dear?”

I smiled. “Come here you.” I said moving to kiss him.

When we were done we walked hand in hand back to the dining hall and to Arthur and Guinevere.


As I slowly mad my way past my mother and father I kept a firm hand on Guinevere, making sue she was out of my father's view for as long as possible. When we reached the table I looked back to see my mother pulling my father out of the room before turning back to Guinevere.

Her whole body was vibrating with fear, and her teeth were chattering so fast it sounded like she was eating something that would not brake down. I sighed, picking her up and sitting with her in my lap in one of the chairs at the table.

I then began to stroke her face, rub her back, and kiss her forehead trying to think of ideas to comfort her, but I was running out. That's all I have been doing for the past day, trying to keep her calm, but every time I succeed something causes her to break down again. How much more of this can she take from my father?

As time went on Guinevere slowly started to return back to normal, her shakes slowing and her teeth were not chattering anymore, which was a good sign. She buried herself into my chest, holding on to me with all the strength that she had left into her. But she was still alert and very tense.

For what seemed like forever I finally spoke in a soft whisper to her, “Guinevere, love your safe now. I am still keeping that promise and won't let anyone harm you or come near you again, so just calm down and rest for a moment. Close your eyes and relax, I'm not going anywhere.”

I felt her slowly nod and snuggle closer to my chest and laid her head in between my neck and shoulder. Within minutes her body was completely relaxed and in a light slumber. I sighed with relief because she barely slept last night and needed time for her body to recover.

And with her finally sleeping, it gave me time to organize my thoughts about the previous events that just occurred. It sickened me that that's how my father thought about Guinevere, like an thing that was to just be used whenever a man wants it, not thinking of her feelings or anybody else who has feelings. Oh god it made my sick.

I sighed again looking down at her sleeping form, she looked so at ease and so relaxed. “How could my father just outright think she's my mistress? She is too kind, to caring to ever be put through that situation. Yes she was mine, but not in the way my father thought. She was mine because she captured my heart and it beat for her and her alone, just like how hers beat for me.”

When watching her a soothing calmness came over me. I then yawned, feeling sleepy myself as I laid my head on the top of her's, my nose digging into her hair. My eyes closed as her sweet lavender scent wafted over me. I tightened my hold on her and snuggling us into the chair, falling into a light slumber with Guinevere by my side, right where she belonged. . .next to my heart.


We walked in to see the young couple in each others arms, dosing softly in the chair at the dining table.

“Arth-” I heard my husband start to call him, but I soon clapped my hand to his mouth.

“Shh.” I whispered, afraid to wake the young couple. “let them sleep Uther, they have been through a lot in the past few days.”

“But I have not eaten breakfast yet,” he moaned although he did lower his voice an octave.

I nodded in agreement. “We shall eat now Uther, but quietly. Let them sleep for now, I'm sure they will talk to us once they wake up. Plus you know how Arthur is when he is cranky so let him sleep because he is happier when he has his rest.”

He looked at the couple once more before sighing and going over to the table. He then slowly pulled the chair out and took a seat piling food slowly on his plate. I smiled looking at him, I then followed suit slowly sitting down to my meal.

I glanced at Uther leaning to kiss his cheek. I pulled back to see him looking down in defeat, watching Arthur and Guinevere and back to his plate again. “Uther,” I whispered, “I'm proud of you for giving them a chance and to listen. Now lets eat.” He smiled at that and we dug in eating our food in silence watching Arthur and Guinevere now and again. Waiting to see what would happen next.

The Queen's Plan


“No. . .Guinevere. I will always love you” I yelled at her disappearing form as the guards were taking her away. No, I must get to her, but I found myself struggling against the other guards holding me back. Suddenly, I found myself flat on my back as the guards holding me down, I thrashed trying to get free.

“No Guinevere, I love you. No I can't live without you. I can't live without you, I can't-”

* * *

“Arthur!” I heard a woman's voice calling me. Huh? I jolted awake, looking up to see my mother and father staring at me from across the table. I then looked down to see Guinevere's sleeping from in my arm. Oh thank god. I had never found myself more relieved to see her in my life, I gently pulled her closer in my embrace burrowing my face in her hair.

It was just a dream, just a dream. I slowly felt my rage leave me as I kissed her forehead, still holding her I looked up to see my parents watching me.

“Ah. . .um. . .” I was a loss for words. “Thanks for waking me mother.”

She nodded, “You started thrashing out in your sleep hon and talking.”

I looked up, “Talking?” I said looking at her to father. He did not look happy, I slightly gripped Guinevere a little tighter. “What did I say? Was it bad?”

My father grunted and replied, “You were. . .um. . .yelling that you l-lo-love the s-Gwen and you said. . .that you could. . .never live. . . . . .without her. . .over and over. And then your Mother woke you up.”

“Oh” I couldn't think of a response to my father so I moved my gaze back to Guinevere. I then turned to see my breakfast plate in front of me all the food looked so delicious. I sat up while still keeping one arm around Guinevere, reaching my arm so I could eat, I felt her stir slightly as I adjusted but then settle back down when I stopped moving, clutching herself closer to me. I started to eat in silence, glancing up at my parents now and again. My mother was eating with a smile on her face as she watched us and my father kept his head down, throwing a glare every once in a while.

I sighed, this is going to be a long morning.


I stirred again feeling a warm masculine body against mine and strong hands behind my back. I smiled as I snuggled closer to Arthur. I felt his chest heave a long sigh, what's wrong with Arthur? I stirred again fluttering my eyes open to look up at him.

He glanced down at me, his face turning into a smile. “Hey” he said softly. I looked at him, and he chuckled. “We fell asleep love, don't worry about it. Are you hungry?”

I nodded as I remembered my stomach and how I did not eat at all yesterday since lunch. I slowly slid off Arthur into the empty seat next to him. I glanced at the food, not knowing what to pick first. Arthur chuckled again as he watched me and grabbed my plate filling it with all of his favorites before setting it down in front of me.

I smiled, “Thank you Arthur” he nodded as I took a bite of egg, oh this is the best food I have ever tasted. I grinned wider, “This is delicious Arthur. . .” I trailed off as I looked up seeing the King and Queen watching at me.

I swallowed and cleared my throat, “Good morning my Lord, my Lady” I nodded to them. I felt Arthur's hand creep under the table, finding my hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, I immediately relaxed at his touch.

The Queen nodded to me, “Good morning Guinevere and please call me Igraine” she replied, giving me a smile. I felt a sense of relief as she acknowledged me.

“Of course Igraine, thank you for inviting me to breakfast, the food is divine.”

“I'm glad you like it, it was always Arthur's favorite meal too when he was a boy. Although he was a really messy eater. Food scattered all over the table, stains on his clothes and don't get me started on his hair. . .”

Arthur groaned beside me, “Mother we don't need to speak of that again. You promised, and besides I eat like a King now not a scruffy little boy.”

“Well Arthur if you intend to keep this girl in your life she should know your back story don't you think? And of course you should also get to know as much about her as possible. That is what you do in a relationship, right dear?” She said turning to the King who was glaring at his plate.

“Huh? What?” He said jumping in surprise, “sorry dear I was lost in thought. What are we discussing?” he asked, looking at Arthur and then turning to his Queen, not bothering to give me a glance. I felt Arthur's hand tighten around mine, he must have noticed too. He looked like he was about to say something when I just shook my head at him, it wasn't worth it.

“Uther dear we were discussing relationships and how you should try to get to know the person your in a relationship with as much as possible. Don't you agree?”

“Um. . .yes of course there is not one thing I wouldn't know about you. Your childhood memories, what you ate, how you grew up, where you grew up, the queen you hoped to be when you were young, all your favorite things then and now and so much more. What makes a good relationship is that you should know all there is to know about the person before you go off with them and el-”

Arthur was fuming beside me, but before Igraine or Arthur could speak I butted in, “My Lord, permission to speak freely?”

Arthur froze looking at me with surprise, and squeezing my hand again. Igraine looked just as shocked as I spoke, but my eyes were locked with Uther's. “My Lord, permission to speak freely?” I asked again.

He glared at me for a moment before nodding his head for me to continue. I nodded back and cleared my throat and addressed him.

“My Lord, I do not understand why you hate me so much? You don't even know me yet you place judgment upon me before giving me a chance. You say I eloped with him when I have never done so with anyone in my entire life. You think I want Arthur for money, wealth and status, but none of those things matter to me. All I care about is his happiness and I make him happy just as he makes me happy. I love him with all my heart and nothing you could do will ever change that. But his happiness also includes trying to make you proud and for years I have seen him give all he can and more to Camelot and to make you proud of him.”

Arthur's hand gave me a reassuring squeeze and I felt even more confident as I continued.

"You think Arthur and I have done some wrong by being in love, yet I don't see how that would be possible. So please my Lord enlighten me and tell me what I have done that makes you hate me. Because I would like to hear what you have to say so that I can right my wrongs. And if it's because of my upbringing as a servant and my lower status I can not change that but I'm not ashamed of it either. So please my Lord if you can find some things that I have done to wrong you or your family, I would like to hear it.”

I sat there looking at him before I realized what I just did, what I just said and who I said it too. Oh my god what did I just do? Did I just say that to Arthur's father? The King? Who could have me executed at any moment. Oh Guinevere you are such a loud mouth, now your in for it. And Arthur may not be able to save you this time. Oh Guinevere what have you gotten yourself into? I sat there beginning to panic again before I felt a warm, strong hand grasp mine and give it a squeeze. I grabbed his hand with both of mine, thankful for his support as his other hand moved on top of our other joined hands. I slowly felt myself calm down again at his touch.


I stared at her in utter shock. No one EVER spoke to me like that, never in all my life have I been spoken too like that before. Who does this girl think she is? Saying all these things about my son's relationship with me. And that my son has given his all to the kingdom never asking anything in return. . .well that's kind of true but that does not change the fact that she is a serving girl. A worthless, dirty, wise and strong serving girl. Oh my god Uther did you just call her wise and strong? No. . .ugh why did she have to be born as a blacksmiths daughter? If she was a noble or even a lady she would be perfect for my son and they could have been married years ago. What are you saying Uther it's a serving girl nothing more, it's not like her words make sense and could change my mind. . .could it? I looked at her again with her hands intertwined with Arthur's. . . .Well they do look cute togeth- no she is a servant Uther get a hold of yourself.


As I sat there watching my husband pondering things over I was shocked. Uther was never at a loss for words this long, no wonder Arthur is smitten with the girl. She really seems to know how to put both my men into place. . .oh. A realization came over me as an idea was forming into my mind, Uther need's some time to talk and let it out and this girl seems to be doing the trick. I got up and moved around the table to Arthur, he looked up at me with confusion on his face.

I smiled down at him, “Arthur hon would you care to escort me to the garden to pick some flowers? It's such a lovely spring day and the flowers are in full bloom.” He looked as if he had to play servant for a day.

“Now?” He asked questioningly, looking at Guinevere to Uther to me and back to Guinevere again. “Mother. . .um. . .do you realize what you are saying? And what your asking me to do?”

I sighed, “Yes Arthur, I know perfectly well what I'm doing. And don't you want to pick some beautiful flowers for this lovely lady? Every Lady deserves flowers Arthur. Unless you would rather have Guinevere pick you flowers and give them to you in front of your knights I suggest you get moving.”

“Mother I know how to pick flowers but I'm not leaving him” he nodded to his father, “alone with Guinevere.”

I stared at him about to snap when Guinevere's voice beat me too it (again). “Arthur it's alright, go spend time with your mother. I'll be fine and if you know me, you should know that I know how to handle myself. Go tell her about the tournament and our first kiss, I'm sure your mother would love to hear that story.”

“But Guinevere. . .mm.” I tried to contain my laughter as she silenced him by kissing him in mid protest. He then pulled further into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her closer.

She giggled before pulling away “Arthur not here, now go. Your mother is waiting for you.”

He stood up before capturing her lips once more and then turned to Uther. “Father, if you do anything to harm her then my sword-”

“Arthur!” I interrupted him, “Arthur your Father and I have an agreement and you don't need to worry about him. If he breaks our agreement he will have to deal with the consequences and he knows exactly what I mean, don't you dear?” I asked looking at Uther. He glared at me before slowly nodding in defeat.

“Good, now that we are on the same page, Arthur?” I held my hand out to him. He sighed before looking at Guinevere one more time, she gave him a nod before kissing him on the cheek and pushing him towards me. “Go on Arthur I'll be fine.”

“Alright Guinevere, I believe you. I love you and won't be gone long alright love.”

“I love you too Arthur and don't worry about me, now go with your mother.”

He nodded again and kissed her forehead once more before holding his arm out to me, I moved my hand to the crook of his elbow and we bowed to Uther and Guinevere before leaving the room. I could feel Arthur's worry for her all over his body as he tried to control himself. We reached the garden before he blew it. “MOTHER WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? LEAVING GUINEVERE ALONE WITH FATHER? ARE YOU INSANE?. . .”

“Arthur. . .” I tried calming him down but he kept one spouting


As he started to walk back inside the castle I grabbed his arm and spun him around to face me, “ARTHUR,” I said firmly, “I did this for a reason. I believe that the only way for your father to change his mind about you two is the girl. I know Uther will react harshly but this girl has some fire in her Arthur and I believe she can get to him. I am not sure about you but after her little speech to him, he was speechless, Arthur speechless. When has he ever been speechless? You and I should know better than anyone that when Uther believes strongly about something he always has a counter argument against what ever was said. But not this time he was speechless which says that Guinevere's words made him think. And when he thinks Arthur he really ponders what was said to him. And I believe that arguing with her alone will help the situation.”

“So your saying mother that he actually might listen to Guinevere? Because she made him speechless? That's not too bad of an idea mother but I still don't like the fact of her being alone with father. Are you sure she will be safe?”

“Arthur I assure you he will not do anything because if he does then he will get absolutely no say in the matter of whether you are going to court her or marry her or be with her publicly, I will be the only one allowed to make those rules. In fact you already have my blessing she is a fine young lady and she will learn the rules of nobility. And Uther will come around you'll see.”

A smile came on his face at my words, “Oh I am so happy thank you mother!” He said picking me up and spinning me around. When he set me down he looked at me again, “Wait. . .did you say marriage?”

A White Rose Means Pure


As Arthur left the room with his mother I slowly turned my body back to Uther and began to shake slightly, although I tried not to show it. In truth I was terrified, but I had to stay strong for Arthur because I knew that if I would ever get him to consider me for his son, now was the time. You can do this Gwen, you can do this. For Arthur, think about Arthur. I slowly began to relax as Arthur came back into my head.

“Are you just going to sit there all day?” an angry voice snapped, causing me to jump in my seat. I looked up to see Uther glaring at me.

Be strong Guinevere be strong. I found my voice, “What do you expect me to do, my Lord?”

“Aren't you supposed to be getting my approval so you can be with my son?”

“Yes my Lord but I am not going to grovel on my knees and beg you just to accept me into Arthur's life. I love Arthur and he loves me for me and that is how I want you to accept me. For who I am as a person and my actions, not by my wealth, and status.”

“You foolish girl do you know what it's like to have a kingdom's reputation in your hands? Do you know what it's like to have everyone watching your actions? No you don't because you are a serving girl,” I flinched as he sneered the word. “A nobody who does not know anything about ruling a kingdom.”

“Oh my Lord you are wrong. I know a lot actually, because Arthur always comes to me with matters of state. He always values my opinion and asks me what he should do. Of course I give him the best advice I can be telling him that he should forget everyone else and follow what he believes to be right-”


“Someone that your son values for council and someone that has already made decisions for Camelot by helping Arthur.”




I began to walk towards her my eyes full of anger. She held still and stared me down, holding my gaze. I stopped a foot away from her, startled that she did not back away or cower in my presence. Wow this girl has guts. Now what do I do? I want to slap her but Arthur would be furious, tell her to leave Camelot? No Igraine told me otherwise ugh I hate my Queen's rules.

“GET OUT OF MY SIGHT GIRL.” I bellowed pointing to the door. When she didn't move I lost control, smacking her across the face. “NOW.”

She quickly ran out of the room. Oh no, what did I just do? Arthur will be furious.

Don't worry about her Uther she deserved it. My evil, inner voice told me.

But I could not stop thinking about her words, 'why can't you just see we have true love? loyalty is to Camelot and to Arthur' Does she? I asked.


I ran from that room as fast as I could, tears falling down my cheeks. Uther will never change Guinevere, why did you do that? You should have left the first time he said it and now you have a big hand mark across your cheek for all to see. I ran down from the castle out to my favorite spot in the gardens, by the rose bushes and began to sob even harder. I covered my face with my hands. Uther is right what was I thinking. How would a serving girl like me ever know what it's like to be Queen or a Lady even.

I cried even harder before I felt strong warm hands pull me up and onto his lap in an embrace. I clutched Arthur closer as I buried my face into his chest. "What did he do Guinevere?" Arthur asked, I stilled hearing the hidden anger in his voice. Arthur moved to look at me, alarmed by my sudden stillness.

"Arthur don't-" I whispered trying to hide my face baring the mark from his father. But he was too fast as he took my arms away from my face. He stared at me for a long moment, his face turning from shock to rage in an instant. I felt him begin to get up from where we were sitting and I knew where he was headed. I gripped him, pulling him back down and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Arthur no. Please don't-"

"Guinevere, do you really expect my to do nothing? He has no right to treat you that way, not if I have anything to say about it."

"No Arthur do not do anything. Promise me that you won't please. If you want to blame anyone blame me, I angered him and did not leave when he told me to. He just got mad because I showed him that I was not scared of him and that I argued back with him, the king of Camelot. Oh my god! I just argued with the King of Camelot, what did I just do?" I began to panic all over again, what have I done?


After the talk with my mother I wandered all around the gardens looking at all the flowers wondering which ones Guinevere would like best. Hmm...lilies, daisies, bluebells, roses, lilacs...roses definitely roses. I wandered over to the roses, seeing one white rose bush, and dozens of purple, yellow, pink and red rose bushes everywhere. Hmm but which color do I get her? And do I get her a bunch of roses or just one, three? Why is this so hard?

I moved over to grab a pink rose when a hand touched my shoulder stopping me, I looked up to see my mother shaking her head. "Arthur, do you know anything about roses and what each color represents?"

What is she talking about? "Mother, they are just flowers. Why does it matter what color it is?"

"Oh Arthur really? I thought I taught you enough about romance when you were dating other princesses. Did you not pick up even the slightest bit of what I said?"

I paused thinking back about girls and when I was a young prince. "Well they love pretty things, chocolate, flowers and jewelery. But that's all I can remember." She hit me on the shoulder and I jumped in surprise. "Mother what was that for?" I asked, rubbing my shoulder.

"I'm sorry hon but really. Your almost a grown man, I should not have to tell you that giving a pink flower to a girl says I like you but as a friend. Or purple and yellow flowers tells a girl that you like them like a sister. Or a red flower means I love you. Come on Arthur think a little bit, you would never give Morgana a red rose would you?"

" Sorry Mother, I have never felt this way about another girl before so I never really given it much thought. Um what are the white rose's for?"

She grinned at me and moved to stand in front of the lone white rose bush, "White means pure. When you give a girl a white rose it means that your heart is pure for only her. It's how a girl knows that you have made your choice and you are theirs forever."

I smiled knowing exactly what rose to take. I reached for a rose on the lone bush and plucked it before I heard it, a soft crying from the bushes. I instantly knew who it was and I ran towards the sound. I froze in my tracks to see Guinevere on her knees behind the bush sobbing. My heart stopped, oh my poor Guinevere. What did my father do now? I dropped the rose as I moved to her side and sat down on the grass next to her. I reached for her and pulled her across my lap and into my embrace. She clutched me closer as she sobbed into my chest.

"What did he do Guinevere?" I asked calmly, trying to hide my anger from her. She stilled at my question and I instantly grew worried. I pulled back to look at her face.

"Arthur don't-" she tried hiding her face out of my sight but I was to fast as I pulled her arms back. I stared in shock, she had a giant red mark across her cheek the size of a hand-print. I felt my shock go into rage because I knew only one person could have done this. I began to get up when her hands pulled me right back down and she wrapped her arms around my neck, "Arthur no. Please don't-"

"Guinevere, do you really expect me to do nothing" I said angrily, "he has no right to treat you that way, not if I have anything to say about it."

"No Arthur do not do anything. Promise me that you won't please. If you want to blame anyone blame me, I angered him and did not leave when he told me to. He just got mad because I showed him that I was not scared of him and that I argued back with him, the king of Camelot. Oh my god! I just argued with the King of Camelot, what did I just do?" I felt her begin to panic all over again and pulled her close, hoping me presence would ease her. We sat in silence for a moment and I felt her squeeze me close before she began to speak again, "Arthur your father is right, what do I know about being Queen. He is right, how could we ever find love with such different lives. It's just a dream nothing more" she then wiggled out of my embrace stood up and began to walk way.

I jumped to my feet, running after her. I caught up easily and turned her to face me. "Guinevere you don't mean that."

Tears were running down her cheeks as I met here eyes "I'm sorry to have lead you on but we have to accept facts Arthur, sooner or later you will have to marry for the good of the kingdom and it can't be me because I'm just a servant."

I began to tremble, trying to grasp what she was saying "No...Guinevere you don't mean that, you can't mean that. You are so much more than a servant, you are kind, generous, wise, strong beautiful and the only girl who has touched my heart. I can't be without you because I love you with all my heart." I felt tears coming to my eyes as I looked at her. "My beautiful, smart, sweet Guinevere please. Please don't do this."

She met my eyes and lifted her face up to mine I leaned down and captured her sweet soft lips with my own. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I circled her into my embrace and pulled her up on my feet so she would not have to reach me. I let out a moan as I pushed my tongue against her lips and she allowed me entrance meeting me halfway between our lips. We took no breaths as we stood there kissing, but way too soon she pulled away. I tightened my grip on her as she leaned her forehead against mine with her arms still around my neck. "I love you with all my heart Arthur Pendragon. You will always be in my heart forever." she murmured softly, "my heart will always be pure for you and only you. I love you so much, my heart will never, could never love another."

Pure...pure! It then came to me, the rose. "Stay put Guinevere please for just one moment. Please?" She nodded as I kissed her forehead and made my way back to where I dropped the rose. I grabbed it and hid it behind my back as I walked back over to her. "Guinevere close your eyes"

"Arthur what is this?" She asked curiously as I brushed my fingers over her wet eyelids. I moved to me knees and took her hand while holding the rose in front of my chest.

"Open your eyes my love."


I opened my eyes to see the love of my life on his knees holding a rose, no a white rose. I couldn't find my voice. A white rose, meaning...

"My Guinevere, if this is our last day I will make you a promise. A promise with this rose I'm giving you that I will never love another for as long as I live. Although I have been with many ladies none of them have ever touched my heart like you have. All your compassion, bravery, kindness and wisdom I will carry with me forever because my heart has never been more pure to a woman, no to you in my entire life. I love you with all my heart and you will be the only one to ever fill it. This rose is a sign that I will make my choice to you and will never give my heart to another."

I took the rose from him, moving down next to him and cupped his face with one of my hands, while rubbing his tears away. "Shh. Arthur, its going to be ok. Just trust me you will be alright my love." I kissed each of his cheeks before his lips again and then I moved my hands down to his arms rubbing them reassuringly. "Arthur baby, I must go."

He snaked his arms back around my waist tightening his grip on me, "no." He whispered softly, more tears coming to his eyes. I moved my hands to his hair and pulled him in close for one last kiss.

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