Rethik Hasing
Rethik Hasing
Full name Rethik Hasing
Aliases the Rider
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Gender Male
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Bright red
Species Human
Place of origin Causk, Dyndenvar
Abilities Good with hippogriffs
Occupation Rider
Created by TheHydromancer
Family Joakim Hasing (father)

Felisa Hasing (mother)

Gretel Hasing (sister)

Allies Liam Brightcrest

Syth (hippogriff)

Enemies Morgana

The Lamia


Blayze Brightcrest

Team affiliations Brightcrest


The Riders

First appearance The Sun of Brightcrest, Chapter 2
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Status Alive

This was what he liked about Rethik. He was very easy-going, even though he did sometimes explode.

-Liam Brightcrest about Rethik Hasing

Rethik Hasing is one of the many children of Joakim and Felisa Hasing. He is a Rider of hippogriffs, like his father, had therefore has a young female hippogriff named Syth. Despite having so many siblings, almost none of them are mentioned in The Sun of Brightcrest, although an expection is Gretel, as Rethik is very close to her.

Even though he's a good friend of Liam's, he has this on-going rivalry between him and Blayze Brightcrest, Liam's best friend. This is nothing unusual, as Riders and knights tend to have dodgy relationships, though Rethik and Liam are an expection. He, unlike Liam, does not have magic, though some Riders do. This does not prevent them from being an unseperable pair when Blayze is away, and it's these periods Rethik looks most forward to.

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