A/N: I just figured that as we never found out the whole story of Mordred and Kara. Their childhood together and everything. I decided to make this fanfic. It's all about Mordred and Kara. The unreal thing is I'm not even a Mordred fan I am a Merlin and Arthur fan. But their story struck me as something that needs to be told. So here goes enjoy. :) MerlinDragonLord

Reunited. (Mordred and Kara. The Untold story.)


Chapter 1. - Mordred's P.O.V. Edit

The first time I ever set my eyes on Kara was when I was ten years old. She lived in the same Druid camp as I did. That's right we are Druids. Shunned by everyone. We were peaceful people who lived inside the Borders of the kingdom of Camelot. Yet although we were peaceful that didn't stop people from hating us, from murdering us in cold blood. I just wished to be able to have a normal childhood; well as normal as it can get when you have magic anyway. I wanted to live without fear. “Mordred!!” a voice yelled drawing me out from my thoughts and back into the real world. I looked around stunned for a moment as thought I had forgotten where I was. I was sat under my most favourite tree in the world of the forest, I know a bit strange seeing as all the trees in a forest look the same but to me this one was special. According to Aglain this was the tree my mother had often sat on when she was my age. Aglain knew this because he was my mother’s friend when she had first come to the druid camp. Lost and alone, afraid of everyone and everything, especially her gifts. My friend’s name was Aidric. He had a younger sister called Islwyn who was also my friend. "Have you met the newest arrival to the camp? A girl called Kara me and Islwyn just saw them being greeted by Laura. Aglain gave her to Laura to look after. "

I nodded in recognition of this new information. Kara… that was a nice name. I knew Laura; she would take care of Kara. I had only met Laura once she liked to give me some really nice food that she made herself. "Come on then. Let's go and meet her then." I said to Aidric. "Bring Izzy too." Aidric nodded and went to find his sister. I stood up from where I was sat on the base of the tree. The grass was wet with dew and it had soaked my cloak but I didn’t care at that moment. I remember everything that had happened for me to end up here in the druid camp hidden from the world where Uther Pendragon ruled and the knights often hunted under his commands for those with magic, druids, sorcerers and even those who had just spoken to a sorcerer on the street without knowing that they had magic paid for Uther’s fear. I glanced up at the sky to see dark storm clouds, forming across the sky. A drop of rain landed on the side of my face and I yanked the hood of my cloak up over my head and I raced across the ground. Almost immediately it started to pour with hard rain. I sighed and continued to sprint, my mind far away from the camp and the rain.

~ Mordred's Memories. ~

"Mother." a slightly younger Mordred said, he looked about five.
"You must go Mordred. If you stay here they will find you." there were screams all around us. The village that every single person who had magic used to live in was lit with flaming buildings. Women screaming, children crying, men yelling. "Run Mordred!!!!" my mother yelled as a handful of knights of Camelot came towards us. "What about you?" I asked.
"I'll hold them off. You are my only son and I would not wish for another. Nor would I wish for anything bad to happen to you. Go!!!!" my mother said. She got up from her crouch and called out loud to the knights as she moved away from where I was hidden. Tears pricked my eyes as I watched on too frightened to move. "Look over here!!!!” my mother called.

One of the men ran at her and I could do nothing. She raced away from me drawing them further away so that I would be safe. I couldn’t move I was frozen to the spot knowing that until they were gone I wasn’t safe. The knights neared my mother and I tried to stand. I had to get away. I was frozen, stuck. Doomed to watch my mother be cut down before my eyes. The knights drew nearer to her, tears trailed down my face as I knew what was coming. I didn’t have the power to get them away from her. I was only five.  She was cut down before my eyes. The tears flowed faster down my face. I screamed in pain, sadness and anguish but it wouldn’t bring her back to me. The knights went flying backwards and even through all the screams, cries, shouts and howling wind I could hear every one of those murderous knights’ necks snap. They hit the floor dead. I smiled grimly. Friends and family had died this day and I would never ever forget.

One day when I was old enough, and had learnt the art of the gifts I had been born with. I would strike back. No one would be able to stand in my way. They had stolen my childhood from me, my family, my friends and I would get vengeance.  Suddenly I heard a voice on the wind: "I'll always love you never forget that Mordred. Always."
"Mother." I whispered before I blacked out.

~ End of Memory. ~

I came out of my flashback realising that I had been stood in the pouring rain for about twenty minutes, my hood had been blown off my head from the howling wind and I could feel something other than the rain on my cheeks. Tears. I hurriedly wiped them away standing with my eyes shut. I could still feel the pain and anger and hatred towards the knights of Camelot from that day. I had always and always will swear vengeance to Uther and his rotten kingdom. I knew that Aglain felt my pain; he was close to my mother and knew her as a child. Rain water dripped from raven black fringe and ran down into my eyes. I blinked away the remainder of the tears and sat on a crate that was outside one of the tents. I put my head in my hands and tried to control my emotions.

He must have felt my pain emanating from me or heard my thoughts because I was soon joined by Aglain. He was stood in front of me, waiting for me to probably notice him but I already had and he knew it. “Mordred. There was nothing you could do that fateful day.” Aglain said.

"I should have tried.” I mumbled, I knew as I said it that I sounded a little bit childish.

“You were five. You did not have the power.” Aglain reassured, “You’re mother risked her life to save you. Nothing was more precious to her than you. You must know this.”

“I do. I just wish.”

“I know.” Aglain said, pulling me into a reassuring hug. He was like a father figure to me, I looked up to him and always strived to practice my gifts so that one day I would be as good as him and run my own druid camp one day. I had never known my father but I knew that I had gained my gifts from my mother. The only thing my mother had told me is that my father was a mortal with no magical gifts and that he had loved her with all his heart. Aglain led me over to one of the other trees in the forest. This one had my mother’s name carved into the tree, along with my name. I ran my hand along the place where her name was carved: Meridian. Meridian had sacrificed herself unselfishly to save her young son Mordred. May we grant her peace in the otherworld along with the promise that we the druids of Ascetir will look after and teach her son as she would have done had she been here. Every time I looked as this message it always reminded me of how selfless my mother was and how much everyone at the camp had loved her. “Ready now Mordred?” Aglain said.

“Ready.” I replied.

“Mordred, did you see her?!!!” Islwyn called as she raced up to me through the rain.

"Who?” I asked, slightly confused.

“I can’t believe you’ve forgotten already!”  Aidric exclaimed, “How you ever remember all those spells but you can’t remember a simple name such as her’s I will never know.”  I just shrugged.

“I assume that you three are talking about the new arrival, Kara.” Aglain said, we nodded. “Well come on then I’ll show you where she is.”

“We’ve already seen her and besides mother said we have to go back for a meal. Mordred meet us at our tent when you’ve seen her yeah?” Aidric said, I nodded and followed Aglain towards Laura’s tent.

Chapter 2. - Kara's P.O.V. Edit

This place is scary. I don't like it. Those were my first thoughts the minute I was found wandering in the forest. I had no idea where I was, I only knowing that I had heard about a camp of druids that lived in the forest of Ascetir. I didn’t even know if the forest I was in at the moment was the right one. There were so many forests. My arm was bleeding heavily from the incident that had happened just a few days ago. My vision kept turning blurry and I often had to shake my head to clear it. Black spots began to appear before my eyes and head felt feverish from the loss of blood. I dropped to my knees and struggled to stand and I thought about the past week.

~ Kara's memories. ~

My parents were stood in front of me beside my younger brother Drake was stood beside them, he was clutching to my mother and father’s hands. Knights of Camelot were heading in our direction from the forest. “How did they know we were here?” I asked.

“That doesn’t matter. Just run!” my father said. My mother pulled Drake’s hand out of my father’s and we raced deeper into the forest. “What about you?” I called back to my father.

“Don’t worry. I do this for you, my children.” He called back, tears pricked my eyes as I realised that this was the last time I would ever see my father alive. Our final farewell. As we ran deeper into the forest I could hear my father casting spells to divert the knights from us but he was also signing his own death warrant. “Oh no you don’t!” I heard my father yell as a knight tried to sneak round him to get to us.

My mother froze where she stood, me and Drake tried to pull her along but she wouldn’t be budged. “Mother come on. We have to leave.” I said as I pulled at her arms, but she was stood like a lump of ice watching our father fight for our and his life. “Kara, take Drake and run don’t stop until you are far away from here. Run. RUN!!” she yelled as the knights finally overpowered my father. He crumpled to the floor, blood splurging from his neck where the sword had left a deep wound. A fiery heat rose inside me and tears filled my eyes, but I knew it was too late to save him. My mother moved away from us back to hold off the knights, Drake made to run after her but I dragged him along into the forest. All the way he was kicking and screaming. “Come on Drake we need to get away.” I said, but he fought back.

“I want mother!! I want mother!!!” he screamed.

“Well you can’t!” I snapped back at him.

“I hate you! Let go!!!” he screamed even louder, I clamped my hand over his mouth to muffle his screams but he sank his teeth into my hand drawing blood.

“OW!!!” I yelled, releasing my grip on my little brother.

The minute my brother realised that I was no longer holding onto him he sprinted back in the direction of mother. “Drake!!! No!!!” I yelled racing after him but he had a head start on me. He reached the clearing before I did and I stopped as I saw mother fall to her knees, dead. “No!!!” I and Drake screamed. I reached out to grab Drake but he still was determined to make the knight’s pay for the deaths of our parents. I raced after him but I was too late a sword pierced right through my brother’s tiny frail body and he fell to the floor. I felt so angry. I could feel my anger and outrage bubbling up inside of me. But there was something else mixed in with that anger. I yelled and the knights went flying backwards their necks shattering on impact one of the knights landed on his own sword. I could hear my brother sobbing my name and I ran over to him. My little brother's arm rose as I crouched beside him. “Kara, I’m sorry I said I hated you.”

“No. It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry. I’ll heal you.”

“Kara, I’m s-s-so c-cold.” He whispered, the light in his eyes was fading and his face was turning pale.

“Don’t leave me Drake.” I whispered.

“Stay here with me.” Drake said tears pouring down his cheeks as his blood flooded across his chest. “I’m scared.”

"Drakey. I'm here I'll heal you." I said.

But it was too late, even as I had said that my brother took his last breath and lay still and silent. Tears poured from my eyes and I couldn’t stop them I looked at the bodies of my parents, my brother and their murderers the knights of Camelot. I knew what I would do. Get my revenge. I grabbed a whole heap of flowers and placed a few in each of my family member’s hands and ran into the forest.

~ End of Kara’s Memories. ~

Tears brimmed in my eyes as I tried to stand. Just thinking about my brother and parents was much too painful. I looked at the scar that ran along my hand were Drake had bit me. In the fading orange light the forest looked even spookier not to mention all the strange noises of the creatures. I pulled my cloak around me as it had begun to get colder as night fell and I began to shiver. I closed my eyes lying huddled on the ground as loud footsteps came near to me. I shivered in fear but did not dare to open my eyes.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I woke with a start, the warm sun was beaming down on my face and it looked close to being in the middle of the sky. How long had I been asleep? I sat up. My cloak was damp with morning dew. My hair was tangled and matted from all the days I had spend sleeping in the forests, leaves and twigs were twisted and I raked them out with my fingers as I looked around trying to find a way to travel in. It was then that I realised that I was not alone.

There was a man kneeling on the grass in front of me. I shuffled back afraid that he was going to harm me in some way. "Fear not child." he said calmly to me. He had dark brown skin with chocolate brown trusting eyes and he was wearing a red cloak, kind of like the green one I was wearing. He also had a very kind trusting face. "Who are you?" I whispered.
"My name is Aglain. I will not harm you." he raised his left forearm and I flinched, fearing that he was going to hit me. But he did not he pulled back the sleeve on his arm and showed me a black triangle with black curls leading off each point. A Druid symbol in the shape of the triskelion of Askanar. I had found them- or rather they had found me- the Druids in the forest of Ascetir.

Chapter 3. - Mordred's P.O.V.Edit

Aglain led me towards a red tent which becoming clearer through the mist with every step we took. I stopped suddenly looking at the tent that was only a few steps in front of me now. “What’s the matter Mordred?” Aglain asked.

“Maybe we should come back later. I don’t want to disturb her if she is asleep.” I replied, hiding the real reason as to why I had stopped.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of Mordred.” Aglain said, seeing through my lie in an instant.

“But what if she doesn’t want to be my friend? Or what if she doesn’t like me?” I asked, my nerves showing in my voice. Aglain smiled and ruffled my hair, looking deep into my ice blue eyes. “Mordred. Anyone who spends five minutes with you would begin to like you instantly.” He said. I smiled back at him.

We continued on our way to Laura’s red tent. I peered through the tent flaps, not wanting to enter, and caught a sight of a girl wearing a green cloak, with dark hair, that spilled down her back. She was shivering in fear and coldness. Her hair was damp and her cloak was a dark green due to the earlier rain fall. Laura caught sight of me looking in, “Come in Mordred.” She called as she placed a bowl of food in front of the girl. “You too Aglain.” She said, Aglain politely declined and turned to leave before facing me again. “You okay now Mordred?” I nodded and pushed through the flaps. I glanced nervously at the girl who was shovelling the food into her mouth. She glanced slowly up at me, smiled before looking back at the food.  I sat in front of her at the table as Laura placed some food in front of me. I ate, my eyes never leaving the girl in front of me, her dark hair, pale skin and grey-blue eyes were so stunning, that I couldn’t stop staring. “I’m Mordred.” I said, holding a hand out for her to shake it.

“Kara.” She replied taking my hand. Her hands were ice cold in my warm ones. I smiled “That’s a nice name.” I said she blushed staring back at her empty bowl, “Are you still hungry?” I asked, pushing my bowl along the table to her. She smiled gratefully and began to eat. I smiled as she wolfed it down no problem.

“Mordred. Why don’t you go a show Kara the camp?” Laura said I nodded taking Kara’s hand in mine and leading her outside. I showed her around the whole camp introducing her to the other children and most of the adults, she already knew Aglain. I spotted my favourite tree in the whole forest and lead her other to it. “Do you want an apple?” I asked, pointing to the apples in my tree. She nodded and I shut my eyes, the branch with the apples on it began to tremble before with a loud snapping noise the branch snapped and fell in front of us. My eyes snapped open. “Opps.” I said sheepishly, Kara burst out laughing. I smiled, glad that she was becoming used to living here already enough to be laughing. I bent down and pulled two apples from the broken branch, holding one out to Kara. She smiled taking it gratefully. I closed my eyes and the branch lifted up and flew a short distance away so that we could still sit under the tree. “So how did you come to be here?” I asked as we sat in the shade of the tree. Kara smiled sadly before speaking.

“My parents and my little brother were killed by the knights of Camelot. My brother was only five.” She said, tears filling her eyes making them sparkle. “They all had magic and I alone escaped, my brother would of, but because our parents had died I didn’t have the powers to heal his wounds from the sword. He died in my arms.” Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she stared at the grass.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered as I hugged her, she was frozen, unsure of what to do but then she hugged me back. “My parents died too. Our village was set on fire by the knights of Camelot. They sacrificed themselves to save me.” I said staring off into the distance, deep in thought. “Then we have that in common Mordred.” Kara said with a small smile.

“It would seem so.” I replied, as we sat under the tree we began to trade stories. About our lives before our family was torn away from us. About our families, our homes, friends, our gifts, different types of magic and everything that was important. Daylight was fading fast and I realised that we were still sat under the tree. “This tree is my favourite in the whole forest.” I said.

“How can it be your favourite they all look the same.” Kara smiled.

“I’ll show you.” I said, taking her hand to help her stand. As she stood beside me I pointed to the message written in the bark of the tree.

Meridian. Meridian had sacrificed herself unselfishly to save her young son Mordred. May we grant her peace in the otherworld along with the promise that we the druids of Ascetir will look after and teach her son as she would have done had she been here.” Kara read from the tree. The sky began to get cloudy and rain was threatening. “Come on. I’d better get you back.” I said.

“But I haven’t seen the rest of the camp yet.” Kara said.

“Tell you what. I will come straight around to see you tomorrow and I will take you on the rest of the tour promise.” I said, giving Kara a cute crooked smile. She blushed, staring at the floor and nodded.

I led her by the hand back to Laura’s tent, she seemed strangely quiet all the way back to the tent. Every so often I glanced over at her but she hurriedly looked away. What had I done? As far as I was aware we was having a great day until now. I stood outside of the tent flaps just as thunder began to rumble overhead and lightening struck above the camp. “I’ll see you tomorrow then Kara.” I said. She nodded a pushed the flaps to the tent aside not answering me. I stared after her, feeling just slightly confused. I sighed and turned to go and visit Aidric and Islwyn.

Chapter 4. - Kara's P.O.V. Edit

The sky began to get cloudy and rain was threatening as I and Mordred stood under the branches of the tree with his mother's name written on it. "Come on. I'd better get you back." Mordred said.
"But I haven't seen the rest of the camp yet." I replied, sad that the day was ending so quickly.
"Tell you what. I will come straight around to see you tomorrow and I will take you on the rest of the tour promise." I
Mordred said, giving me a cute crooked smile. I blushed, staring at the floor and nodded.

He led me by the hand back to Laura's tent; I stayed quiet all the way back to the tent. Every so often Mordred glanced over at me but I hurriedly looked away. We stood outside of the tent flaps just as thunder began to rumble overhead and lightening struck above the camp. "I'll see you tomorrow then Kara." Mordred said. I nodded and pushed the flaps to the tent aside not answering him. I could feel his gaze on me as I moved deeper inside the tent. I sat down on my bed; Laura wasn't here which meant that there was probably a meeting with the Elders in the Druid camp. I pulled my green cloak closer to me as I curled up into a ball. It was normal to act this hostile right? When you lose everyone you love and come to a strange place. But I wasn't hostile to Mordred earlier. I shook my head and closed my eyes as the rain began to fall on the top of the tent. I couldn't sleep. There was a deep thought inside my head causing me to stay awake. Plunk…plunk…plunk. The rain pounded on the top of the tent. Plunk…plunk…plunk.

Did I miss my family? Yes. But I always missed them so it wasn't that.
Is it because this is a strange place? Yes. But I'd slept in strange places before, although not with other people.
Mordred? A strange fluttery sensation filled me from my head to my toes. I was in love with Mordred!!! L-O-V-E! I had never felt this way about any one before and now here I was with Mordred, fallen into the love trap. The love I had felt for my family was completely different to this kind of feeling and I knew that this secret would be harboured for as long as I could hide it. I curled into a ball on my bed.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I must have fallen asleep at some time during my thinking, as I woke up to see warm sunlight streaming through the open flaps of the tent. I sat up and went to stand in the sun. Inside the tent, breakfast was prepared for me by Laura. I hurriedly ate it then went back out into the warm calming sun. I could vaguely remember my thoughts from yesterday about me loving Mordred. My head started to hurt and I pushed the thoughts deep into the back of my mind. No time for thinking. I ran my hands through my hair and could feel dirt and mud, with leaves and twigs tangled in my matted dark hair. I sighed knowing that my face probably didn’t look much better than my hair, before blushing as I remembered that I had probably looked like this yesterday and I had spent the whole day with Mordred!!!!

I thought back to how he hadn’t commented on my appearance only on how nice my name was and suddenly I didn’t feel so bothered about the mud and dirt. I also remembered that we had walked past a stream yesterday, a small one, but a stream just the same. If I was going to spend the whole day today with Mordred I may as well look slightly presentable. I rushed back into the tent and spotted a small comb on Laura’s bed, it must belong to Laura, but surely she wouldn’t mind me borrowing it, just for a little bit. I picked it up and stuck inside a pocket on my cloak before heading back out towards the stream. I found the small stream without too much difficulty. I stared down at the water that flowed over the rocks smoothly and without effort. The sun glittered of the water; I knelt down by the stream and reached my hands into the depths of the stream. The water was refreshing and cool and I splashed it on my face. I sat back on my feet and began to wash the dirt off of my skin. When that was down, I laid down on the grass by the stream and let my long dark hair trail through the water, I sat up holding my hair back from my cloak and began to pull the twigs and eaves out of my hair with my hands, the ones that I couldn’t get free with my hands, I used the comb. I lay back down on the grass and closed my eyes, my hair back in the water of the stream.

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