Selkies are a race of seal-like folk.


Selkies are seal shifters. In the water, they take the form of seals. On land, they are human. When a selkie is in her seal form, she will look just like any other seal. Selkies can become seals with the aid of their enchanted seal skins. Selkies can assume human form by shedding their skins. 

Selkies are very protective of their skins because if someone takes it, he or she will have the power to control the selkie. Countless legends tell of men falling in love with selkies. These men take the selkie's skin. The selkie, now trapped on land, agrees to marry the man. The selkie and the mortal often have good lives and children. The children of a selkie and a mortal are born with no magical powers. Despite her lovely life, her husband and her children, if the selkie finds her skin, she will abandon her family and return to the sea.

Sometimes, though very rarely, a selkie will lure her husband and children into the sea, transforming them into seals in the process. A women who has lost her husband or is unsatisfied with her love life, can gain a selkie husband if she crys seven tears into the sea. A male selkie will emerge and both will instantly fall in love.


In their seal form selkies look just like any other seal. Selies can be many different breed of seals. In their human form, they are very beautiful women and handsome men. Their skin is tanned or brown or white. A selkie's eyes are either blue, green, brown or black. Their hair is always long, dark brown or black.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Selkies can, with their skins, become seals or seal-like humanoid beings. By shedding their skins, they can become human beings.
  • If a selkie chooses, she can transform a mortal into a selkie or seal. Her children will become selkies but the father, as he has no selkie blood, will become a seal.
  • Some selkies have the power of enchantment. They can use their beauty to lure people into the water. However, this power is no where near as powerful as a succubus's or mermaid's enchantment.


  • Selkies, in their seal form, have all the natural abilities of a seal. They can swim faster than a human, breathe underwater for long periods of time and are skilled hunters.


Selkies can be controlled if someone possesses their seal skin. Without their seal skins, selkies are more or less human.

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