Serena Alwyn
Full name Serena Alwyn
Aliases Princess of Escavalon

Lady of Camelot

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Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Ash brown
Species Human
Place of origin Neyli, Escavalon
Abilities Skilled swordfighter, magic
Occupation Former princess of Escavalon

Ward of Uther Pendragon


Created by Alethia II
Family Ciarán Alwyn[father]†

Imogen Alwyn[mother]†

Uther Pendragon[guardian]

Allies Merlin

Arthur Pendragon

Alys Nysell

Knights of Camelot

Enemies Vortigern


King Alined

Team affiliations Camelot



Old Religion

First appearance The Moonlit Hour: Prologue
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Status Alive

"The young witch has suffered great injustice and sorrow at the hands of the blood thirsty tyrrant you know as Vortigern. It is on Arthur and you to heal the wounds of her soul."
- Kilgarrah talks about Serena

Serena Alwyn is former princess of Escavalon and current ward of Uther Pendragon . Training as physician's apprentice under Gaius ' mentorship, Serena is friends with warlock Merlin and spends her free time studying magic in secret with him.


Early lifeEdit

Serena is the only child of Cairan and Imogen Alwyn; and was loved and respected as princess of Escavalon. Not much is known about Serena's life before coming to Camelot except that she is one of the rare survivors of Escavalon's Fall and that some time before her parents were killed by Vortigern, they had her magic bound.

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