My 1st fan fic hope u like it!!!!!!=D

The Fairy of Four Elements

Knights,Merlin and Arthur walk closer a lake.Saddenly they heard someone screaming they go to see what happend.They saw a hurt fairy.The fairy go back scared.

<<Hey don't be scared I'am Arthur.What's your name?>>Arthur asked.

<<I am Siria..She said.

<<What happend to you?>>Artur said

<<Morgana..>>Siria said.

<<Morgana?Ok you are safe with as we will leave you in your home>>


Merlin look Siria like she is an enemie.[...]The same night Merlin heard a strange sound while he was sleeping he go to see whwt is that and he saw Siria with a ball of fire, water,air and earth.Then he asked Siria:

<<What are you?>>

<<I am..the fairy of Four Elements don't worry I will not hurt you

<< Then I am glad we have you here =)>>

Next day they arived in Siria's vilage her friend Tea and the Queen of fairies Aria wait for them

<<Thank you Arthur and your Knight we are gratetful you bring her back>>Aria said.

<<Yes thank you>>Tea said and hug Siria.

<<You are beter than your father and you will be>>Aria said to Arthur.

<<Thank you Arthur >>Siria said.

After the leave Siria Merlin said:

<<That was a nice quest no monsters no evil creatures no Morgana>>

<<Rest before hunting!!>>

<<Oh no>>

(Knight laughing)

Sorry guys it is a little small but..anyway hope u like it!!=)

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