If any of you have read The Golden Compass or Northern Lights by Philip Pullman you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, let me explain:

In the books, a daemon is a person's soul in the shape of an animal. They can shapeshift and when you're an adult, they adopt one form. However, Merlin's daemon, Alith, won't settle on one form.

Merlin sprinted down the winding corridors of Camelot, aware that he was very late for work. His daemon flew beside him in the form of a falcon.

"Told you you'd be late," she smirked.

"Shut up," Merlin panted as he finally ran down the hallway which contained the royal family's chambers. Just outside the door, Alith changed into a polecat. Servant's daemon's were supposed to be a dog but Merlin had special priviledges being the King's manservant.

Merlin knocked on the door, a habit he had fallen into ever since Gwen had married Arthur and some nights, the two of them would sleep together.

"Come in," Arthur called out. Merlin opened the door. "Ah, Merlin," Arthur greeted. Guinivere was no-where to be seen. "So," Arthur began, "has your daemon settled yet?" In answer, Alith shifted into a wildcat at her Master's side, hissing and spitting. Arthur's daemon, a glossy panther named Midnight, rolled her eyes.

"No," Merlin gave his sunny trademark grin as he started making Arthur's bed. Alith had reverted back to a polecat again.

A loud knocking had started at the door.

"Come," Arthur called.

Sir leon poked his head into the chamber with his wolf daemon, Sylvia. "Sire, there is a matter of great urgency."

Merlin and Arthur exchanged anxious glances and started towards the council chambers.

There! Hope you like it, I'll be posting chapter 2 up soon. Sorry it's not very long but I'm in a rush. Please leave a comment here or on my message wall.

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