So, after Gwaine was banished from Elfore, he travelled to the next village, Ealdor. Ealdor was located on the Eastern border of Camelot into Cenred's neighbouring lands.

The tavern in Ealdor was a quiet one. On his first two days there, no horrible bullies turned up demanding money. But on the third day, Gwaine had to leave the tavern as the maximum any guest could stay was only two nights. He did say that he had nowhere else to go, but the tavern owner still refused to let him stay.

Luckily for Gwaine, just as he was about to leave the village, a woman came up to him. Her name was Hunith.

'You can stay in my house if you want.' Hunith said. 'My son used to live there with me but he had to go elsewhere, so I have a spare bed you can use until you feel like going somewhere.'

'I don't think so, I will only end up causing you trouble.'

'Nonsense.' Hunith replied.

Gwaine was persuaded by Hunith to stay at her house for the next three days.

Hunith was very kind to Gwaine. She gave him three satisfying meals a day, she made sure he wasn't cold at night and that he was always kept in a good mood.

On the morning of Gwaine's fourth day at Hunith's house, Gwaine asked her what happened to her son, something that had been on his mind for the past few days.

' His name is Merlin,' Hunith began,' about two years ago, he left Ealdor and went to Camelot.'

'Why?' Gwaine asked curiously.

'He left because he could not stay in Ealdor any longer. He was destined for greater things, so I sent him to one of my old friends. An old man named Gaius, the court physician of Camelot. He would help Merlin find his destiny.'

'In Camelot, he became the personal servant of Prince Arthur Pendragon.'

'Is that it?' Gwaine asked, trying not to sound rude, 'What happened since then?'

'Well, one day, raiders came to the village. Kanen was the name of the leader. he tried to force one of our farmers, Matthew, into giving them the entire villages harvest. but Matthew only gave them some of the harvest, he kept the rest so that the villagers wouldn't starve, Kanen was furious when he found out. He demanded that the rest would be given to him the next week. So I went to Camelot for help. But because Ealdor lies on the border between Camelot and Cenred's kingdom, Uther could not send help even though he wished to. This was because by sending soldiers there, he would be declaring war on Cenred's kingdom.'

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