Despite how long when Merlin asked Hunith's story was, Gwaine still listened intently.

'Merlin said to the Prince that he wished to return home to take care of me and thanked the Prince for his service, but when Merlin asked Gwen, the blacksmith's daughter and maid to the Lady Morgana, for a sword, Gwen and Morgana declared their intention to come with him and fight for the village.'

'So they all came, not just Merlin?' asked Gwaine.

'Yes' Hunith said. 'Prince Arthur, the Lady Morgana, her servant Gwen and Merlin. Prince Arthur gathered up the village people and raised a small army to fight Kanen and his men. There was one young lad who wasn't so keen on the idea, William, or Will as most people called him. He was Merlin's best childhood friend.'

'Matthew was sent out on patrol one evening, but his body returned with an arrow sticking out of it. then it hit Arthur what we were really up against. Another gathering was held. This encouraged the people the people not to fear wht happened to Matthew, but to fight for what was right and to get rid of Kanen and his men.'

'How were Kanen and his men defeated?'

'There was a plan. First, a fire would be created once Kanen came to the village to see why it was so quiet as everyone was hiding. That was Morgana's job, to start the fire that would send a ring of flames around the village, so that Kanen would be trapped. I don't know what happened in the thick of it, but the fire wouldn't light and the fighting was about to begin. Luckily, Merlin had a special trick for lighting fires, and it worked, just on time. Kanen and his men's horses were spooked by the ring of fire surrounding the village.'

It was about lunchtime by now, and Gwaine was getting hungry, he wished Hunith's story would finish soon, even though he was rather interested.

'Arthur and the villagers killed all of Kanen's men fairly quickly, but Kanen himself wasn't so easy. He sneaked up behind Arthur and raised his crossbow aimed at Arthur's heart when he turned around. Just as he fired, Will leaped infront of Arthur to save him, it turns out that Kanen was pretty much dead anyway when he shot, because he collapsed into a crumpled heap. But the people didn't care about him, they were more concerned of Will, lying there, dying with an arrow sticking out of his chest. Everyone was crying, Merlin especially, and that evening, they set alight Will's body and let him rest in peace.'

'Arthur, Morgana, Gwen and Merlin had to say farewell. So off they all went, back to Camelot. Ealdor was eternally grateful.'

'Was that the last you heard of him?' Gwaine questioned.

'No, I met with him again, a couple of months later, but I'd rather not talk about what happened then.'

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