Gwaine was a little puzzled as to Hunith's answer to his question. He knew it must have been something bad and very personal, that's why she didn't want to talk about it. But, rather, than questioning Hunith further, Gwaine had an idea.

'Why don't I go to Camelot?' He said. 'I can't stay here forever in your house, and it's one of the few places I haven't been to yet. I'm intrigued about your son and would very much like to meet him.'

'That's fine by me. I understand why you have to go.' Hunith replied.

'I'll leave tomorrow then if you don't mind.' Gwaine added.

So, the next morning at dawn, Gwaine woke, ate his last meal at Hunith's house, then prepared for his journey west to the city of Camelot.

'Take care.' Hunith said as Gwaine left.

'Oh I will, don't you worry about me.' Was the answer she recieved.

He rode off into the distance, his curls flowing back behind him. His horse, a dark chesnut stallion gallopped on and on and on before needing to rest.

By late afternoon, when Gwaine had travelled three quarters of his journey, he stopped in a small tavern by the entrance to another village.

'What damsel in distress needs rescuing today?' He thought as he approached the tavern.

As he entered the tavern, Gwaine noticed that there were no giggling gangs of girls to impress, so he sneaked around the edge of the room and sat down at a table in the corner. he tried to do as Hunith said, keep clam and keep his head down, and don't go starting anymore tavern brawls.

'What would you like?' The bartender said, she had seen him come in.

'Err, a tankard of mead please.' Gwaine handed her some money and 30 seconds later, she returned with what he'd asked for.

'Thanks.' Gwaine mumbled, having a little look around.

The bartender shuffled back to the bar. She was a plump woman, quite red in the face from being rushed off her feet to serve customers who had come in before Gwaine. She had dark, curly hair pulled back off her face with a piece of cloth.

As Gwaine surveyed his surroundings, he could see that there was something wrong. The way the bartender spoke to him quickly even though there was no one else needingg her service, and the other people in the tavern just sat there, staring. Hardly making any conversation with eachother at all.

'Perhaps they know that something bad is about to happen.' Thought Gwaine, and he was soon to find out that he was right.

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