Arthur was utterly confused as to why a commoner was getting involved.

Gwaine took a drink fromhis tankard then passed it to Dagr, he looked down at it and Gwaine smiled. Then he punched Dagr in the face.

That was it. Fighting broke out across the tavern. Arthur was locked in combat with Dagr and Gwaine was fighting multiple members of his gang. Merlin was free from fighting for a second, then he saw two thugs charging towards him from the same direction. He spotted a nearby bench, his eyes flashed instinctively orange and the bench flew up and hit the two thugs square in the chest, knocking them out.

Merlin creeped and dodged his way around to behind the bar. Gwaine turned round to see Merlin.

'Pass the jug, eh?' he said, sounding out of breath.

Merlin passed over the jug to Gwaine who took a sip out of it.

'What do they call you then?' he asked.


A flicker of surprise passed over Gwaine's face. He had not thought that he'd run onto Merlin this quickly. What luck!

'Gwaine. Pleasure to meet you.'

Gwaine turned around and smashed the jug on a thug's head, knocking them out.

'Such a waste, eh?' he complained.

Nearly all of Dagr's gang were on the ground unconscious. Dagr grabbed a knife out of his pocket, no one saw him. Gwaine charged at Dagr, tackling him to the ground. Gwaine felt a searing pain in his upper leg where Dagr had stabbed the knife into him. As Gwaine fell, his head hit the corner of a bench and he fell unconscious.

Arthur turned to look at Gwaine. 'How is he?'

'Not good.' Merlin said, tying a piece of cloth around Gwaine's leg. 'He's lost a lot of blood.' Arthur looked on nervously.

Whe Dagr and his right hand man, Ebor, awoke, they found themselves in the stocks with rotten tomatoes about to be thrown at them. Arthur and Merlin sat on horses next to them, with Gwaine slumped over the front of Arthur's horse.

'If you have any more trouble from this man, you send word to Camelot. Soldiers will be here within a day, I promise you.' Arthur told the village people.

'And 'ow can you make a promise like that?' Mary asked Arthur.

'Because I'm the King's son, Prince Arthur.' Arthur and Merlin trotted away without saying another word.

The crowd gasped, Mary was gobsmacked.

'Prince Arthur? In my tavern?' she said to herself when Arthur and Merlin had gone.

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