When they reached Camelot, Arthur and Merlin took Gwaine straight to Gaius. They set Gwaine down on Merlin's bed.

'Merlin, fetch me some fresh water, towels, a needle and silk thread.'

'And honey?' Merlin added.

'You're learning.'

Arthur looked at Gaius for an explanation.

'Helps fight the infection.' Gaius said.

'Will he be alright?' Arthur asked, genuinely concerned.

'Providing he's strong.'

'He is that. The man saved my life Gaius. He's to be given anything he needs.' Arthur informed.

The next morning, Gwaine awoke in a vert unfamiliar environment to him. He found himself to be shirtless and tucked up in someone's bed. Gwaine shirtless was quite a pleasing sight. He had strong muscles and a set of abs very appealing to any girl. Gwaine also wore a pendant around his neck with a ring hooked on it too.

That man had called his friend Merlin, Gwaine assumed he was Hunith's son, that's why he decided to help them. Merlin entered the room with a tray of breakfast. A shirtless Gwaine slowly sat up in the bed.

'What am I doing in this bed?' he asked, rather confused.

'You were wounded. Arthur wanted to make sure you were treated by his physician.' Merlin explained.

'Arthur?' Gwaine was still confused.

'Prince Arthur.' Merlin said. 'You saved his life.'

'If I'd have known exactly who he was, I probably wouldn't have. He's a noble.' Gwaine declared.

'Yeah, but he's a good man.' Merlin said back.

'If you say so.' Gwaine said, nearly choking himself on a grape.

'You're a hero. The king wants to thank you in person.'

Gwaine didn't think so. 'Please, no. I've met a few kings. Once you've met one, you've met them all.'

'He'll give you a reward.' Merlin tried to convince Gwaine to take the offer.

'I'm not interested.' Gwaine argued back. 'Besides, I've got everything I need right here.' Gwaine reached over and tapped his bag.

'Why did you help us?' Merlin asked, changing the subject as he knew he wasn't going to win.

'You're chances looked between slim and none. I er... I guess I just liked the look of those odds.' he said quickly.

The truth was, that what Gwaine just told Merlin was a lie. He was certain that this Merlin fellow that Arthur was friends with was Hunith's son. He had been so close to Camelot that they must have been out on a trip or something, that's why they stopped in the tavern. Part of his response to Merlin was true, he did like the look of those odds, but also, Gwaine wasn't entirely sure where he was, all he had done since Ealdor was travel west, near enough. If that was Hunith's son, then it would be his ticket to Camelot, wheter he was conscious or not. Turns out, it was the right Merlin.

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