'How's Gwaine?' Arthur asked Merlin as he was finishing his chores in Arthur's now perfectly clean chambers.

'Recovering.' Merlin replied, whilst pausing to look out of the window down into the courtyard.

'Who's that?' he asked. Arthur went over to the window to see who Merlin was talking about. There was a knight arriving in the square.

'Ahh, Sir Darien. He's here for the melee.' Arthur explained.

' Oh yeah. I remember now. The tournament where the knights ride around hitting eachother with blunt weapons for no good reason.' Merlin said sarcastically.

'There's a little more to it than that.' Arthur said back, slightly offended.

'Really? All I've ever seen is people getting the seven balls knocked out of them so that the last man standing can be called 'The Winner'.'

'The melee is the ultimate test of strength and courage.' Arthur argued back.

'Are you sure we're talking about the same thing?' Merlin asked.

'Well,' Arthur said. 'I wouldn't expect you to understand. You're not a knight.'

'Oh. Well, if it means I don't get clobbered around the head, I'm glad of it.' Merlin answered back.

'Actually,' Arthur began, 'I'm afraid it doesn't.' Then Arthur threw a metal cup at the back of Merlin's unsuspecting head.

'Ow!' Merlin compained.

Arthur nodded his head towards a pile of dirty armour sitting on the table.

'I need that lot cleaned by this afternoon.' he said to Merlin, who was busy rubbing the back of his neck.

'Agh.' he moaned, leaving the room.

Elsewhere, in a small dark shop somewhere in a small village in the middle of nowhere, Dagr and Ebor entered.

'The Stulorne Blades, as you requested.' The shopkeeper said, whose name was Cylferth. Dagr and Ebor inspected one of the swords.

'They're blunt.' Ebor said.

'That is how they only appear.' Dagr explained to him, who cut Ebor's shirt with one of the swords to prove it. They both laughed.

'Why would you want such a weapon?' Cylferth interrupted.

'That's none of your business, old man.' Dagr threatened.'You have the crystals?'

Cylferth turned around and brought out a small wooden box covered in intricate carvings.

'Money first.' he whimpered.

Dagr tossed Cylferth a pouch of coins, then he reached out for the box that Cylferth was holding.

'Not yet.' Cylferth warned, then he cast an ancient spell over the box. 'Þece treowee andwlitan heora fram gesiht eallra!' The box's lid was opened and inside were two crystals, each on a chain. After Cylferth cast the spell on them, they glowed.

'The wearer of these crystals will be able to take on the form of whoever's blood they touch.' Cylferth said, then he laughed.

'Thankyou.' Dagr said.

'Thankyou.' Cylferth said back. But as he turned round, Dagr pierced him with one of the Stulorne Blades.

'Now what?' Ebor asked.

'Now Ebor, we take our revenge on Prince Arthur of Camelot.'

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