In a fairly nearby forest, Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald, two of the knights who were travelling to Camelot for the melee, were making camp for the evening. Little did they know, Dagr and Ebor were hidden behind a bush, listening to their conversation.

'How much further would you say it is to Camelot?' Sir Ethan asked.

'Half a day's ride. The journey is almost over.' Sir Oswald replied.

'It is for you.' Dagr said, emerging from the bush.

'Oswald!' Sir Ethan cried, as he saw Dagr rushing in for the attack.

They fought against each other, but both Sir Ethan and Sir Oswald were killed, their swords were no match for the Stulorne Blades. Dagr stabbed Oswald and Ebor took Ethan from behind. A servant of the two knights ran out of the tent.

'Dagr' Ebor said, he had spotted the running servant, but Dagr threw a knife into the servant's back.

'The crystals.' Dagr prompted.

Ebor brought out teh intricate little box, then opened it. Dagr wiped the blood of Sir Oswald onto one of the crystals then he put the necklace on.

'You look good, Dagr.' Ebor said, looking at the image of Sir Oswald that was really Dagr.

'Sir Oswald.' he corrected Ebor.

'Sorry sire.' Ebor replied, then he bowed.

'That's alright.' Dagr said, who took the box from Ebor and handed the second crystal necklace to him.

'Your turn. Then we can take out rightful place in the melee.'


Half a day later, Dagr and Ebor arrived in the main square of Camelot disguised as Sir Oswald and Sir Ethan. Arthur and Merlin were there to greet them.

'Sir Oswald.' Arthur said. 'Didn't think you'd be brave enough to show up.'

'And miss the chance of putting you on your backside?' ''Sir Oswald'' joked.

'Haha, you've never managed before.' Arthur said.

'That was then. This is now.' came the reply.

Arthur gave Sir Oswald a friendly punch. He wondered who this other, unfamiliar knight was.

'Sir Ethan.' Ebor said.

Arthur and ''Sir Ethan'' grasped arms.

'This is my servant, Merlin. He loves hard work, so anything you need, just give him a call.' Arthur said, patting Merlin on the shoulder.

'Oh believe me, I will.' ''Sir Oswald'' said.

'Great.' thought Merlin, who had enough things to be getting done already. He had all of Arthur's chores, collecting herbs for Gaius, tidying up after Gwaine.. Although, waine did offer to tidy up instead of Merlin, but Gaius insisted that Merlin should do it as Gwaine was a guest and he was wounded, Gaius also reminded Merlin that it was his room after all, so he should clean it, without the use of magic.

The two new knight's horses were tethered up with the rest of them in the stables, then the knights went inside to unpack. Sure enough, Sir Oswald had given Merlin work to do already.

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