Typical. He was at it again. The drunk young man in another tavern. And as usual, he was about to be kicked out of yet another village.

It was never his fault. Just some horrible bully forcing the tavern owner to pay whatever money theyy had to them. But of course, somebody went and started another tavern brawl between the two opposing sides.

The only man who was brave enough to stand up to the bullies was young, fit and energetic. He had flowing brown hair which curled in loops at the ends, around an inch above shoulder length. He had a handsome face, slightly tanned with deep brown eyes which you could stare into for the whole day. A cheeky smile was worn on his face everyday. His rough, unshaven face added to his cheeky smile. This man's name was Gwaine.

Gwaine loved to travel. Well, he had to learn to like it if he got kicked out of everywhere. He went off exploring the country at the age of 18. His father had been a knight in King Caerleon's army, but he had died in battle. Gwaine's mother turned to the king for support, but he pushed her aside. Gwaine had a hatred of nobles since.

His sister was another person that Gwaine did not like. 'An evil old toad' he once called her. She was older than him by two years, and they didn't get along very well. So, since Gwaine's sister, Arla, she was called, decided to stay at home and help look after their mother at the age of 18, Gwaine decided to leave and finally get away from her.

Gwaine only ever took what he needed around with him. There was no need for material possessions if you travelled so much. Practically all his bag contained was some money, sometimes a bit of food, and a flask of water.

Occasionally, he managed to find a horse to ride on if he was travelling far to the next town, otherwise he would walk.

Back in the tavern, in a small village called Elfore, Gwaine was sent to see the village leader, his name was Alrick.

'By the power I have over this village' Alrick said, 'I hereby banish you from this village and you may never return after the amount of trouble you have caused. Now, go!'

Gwaine grabbed his bag and left silently. He had learned by now not to say anything in his defence, just to do as the village leader said and then leave quietly. Otherwise he just got into more trouble. One time, he did stand up to the village leader, but he was almost executed. He very quickly knew never to do that again.

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